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Ohio In The Rear-view, Kentucky On My Mind.

Time flies when you are having fun. We have been spending a ton of time with my family. It is hard to believe that Dianne’s last day at the OSU James Cancer Center has come and gone. We left this past Saturday for a 13 week assignment in Louisville Kentucky. We are excited about this next adventure.

Mid-July my sister brought my parents down to the RV for lunch and a visit. Monty loved his grandpa. My mom made her chicken/noodle/corn soup for lunch. We had a great time catching up and reminiscing.

We then went to my sister Betsy’s house for a gathering. My sister Tami surprised me with a Shoefly pie!!!

Bath time for puppies! The dogs have been shedding like crazy this year. So a round of dog baths with Furminator shampoo was on tap.

After dog baths came showers for Dianne and I and a trip back to Ashland for dinner at Lotus. Food was great. Betsy and John’s son Alex and his son Hunter were up from Alabama for a visit. It was more Hunter was here for a visit and Alex was here to help his dad install hardwood floors at his house. My sister Tami and Bob and most of their clan joined us for dinner. It was great seeing all the family at one place. Even dad joined us, he is not much for Chinese cuisine.

We ended up doing a couple of RV upgrades. First, We got tired of the wild temperature swings in the RV with the heat and AC. Read several complaints online about upgrading the thermostat to fix that issue. Glad we did this. It has made a huge difference with not only the temperature swings, but has cut down the amount of run time. Next was the eating area cushions foam was a little worn out. So we added some outdoor chair cushions to the top. Nice splash of color and the eating area seating is actually comfortable again!

We made a trip to the Columbus Temple. Beautiful place.

End of July found us in Ashland taking the nieces and nephews and great niece to the Ashland Wooster Drive In for coneys and homemade root beer!

Tami and Bob treated us to chicken dinner plates at the Savannah Volunteer Fire Company Fundraiser. Awesome meal for sure. We then went for soft serve ice cream, drove around the old stomping grounds and a visit to Nana at the cemetery. Had an excellent time for sure.

Mom surprised me. She was on her way home from a meeting and called to meet. So we met for ice cream.

Dianne and I got to see a few sites round OSU, the stadium and the hospital she works at.

Took the puppies to the dog park where they met Basset Hound puppies Fred and Arthur. They had a blast and were worn out when we left.

Two Saturday’s ago found us celebrating our great niece Ellery’s one year birthday. She loved the purple dog Great Aunt Dianne picked out for her. Enjoyed some great food and fun.

Then that Sunday found us celebrating my mom’s, Drue (Ellery’s mom) and Nancy (Betsy’s mother-in-law) birthdays! Each had their own cake. We had some great laughs talking about old memories. This was the last family gathering for our time here. I have really enjoyed being near my family for the last 13 weeks.

To Betsy & John, Tami & Bob, Dad & Mom and the rest of the clan we have truly enjoyed the hospitality, food, visiting and memory sharing. We look forward to more in the future. I have not had this much time at home since I left for the Army in 1987. But I sure have missed y’all and my hometown of Ashland. Dianne and I plan on staying on the East Coast for awhile, so we will be visiting more often than before!


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