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Ohio In The Rear-view, Kentucky On My Mind.

Time flies when you are having fun. We have been spending a ton of time with my family. It is hard to believe that Dianne’s last day at the OSU James Cancer Center has come and gone. We left this past Saturday for a 13 week assignment in Louisville Kentucky. We are excited about this next adventure.

Mid-July my sister brought my parents down to the RV for lunch and a visit. Monty loved his grandpa. My mom made her chicken/noodle/corn soup for lunch. We had a great time catching up and reminiscing.

We then went to my sister Betsy’s house for a gathering. My sister Tami surprised me with a Shoefly pie!!!

Bath time for puppies! The dogs have been shedding like crazy this year. So a round of dog baths with Furminator shampoo was on tap.

After dog baths came showers for Dianne and I and a trip back to Ashland for dinner at Lotus. Food was great. Betsy and John’s son Alex and his son Hunter were up from Alabama for a visit. It was more Hunter was here for a visit and Alex was here to help his dad install hardwood floors at his house. My sister Tami and Bob and most of their clan joined us for dinner. It was great seeing all the family at one place. Even dad joined us, he is not much for Chinese cuisine.

We ended up doing a couple of RV upgrades. First, We got tired of the wild temperature swings in the RV with the heat and AC. Read several complaints online about upgrading the thermostat to fix that issue. Glad we did this. It has made a huge difference with not only the temperature swings, but has cut down the amount of run time. Next was the eating area cushions foam was a little worn out. So we added some outdoor chair cushions to the top. Nice splash of color and the eating area seating is actually comfortable again!

We made a trip to the Columbus Temple. Beautiful place.

End of July found us in Ashland taking the nieces and nephews and great niece to the Ashland Wooster Drive In for coneys and homemade root beer!

Tami and Bob treated us to chicken dinner plates at the Savannah Volunteer Fire Company Fundraiser. Awesome meal for sure. We then went for soft serve ice cream, drove around the old stomping grounds and a visit to Nana at the cemetery. Had an excellent time for sure.

Mom surprised me. She was on her way home from a meeting and called to meet. So we met for ice cream.

Dianne and I got to see a few sites round OSU, the stadium and the hospital she works at.

Took the puppies to the dog park where they met Basset Hound puppies Fred and Arthur. They had a blast and were worn out when we left.

Two Saturday’s ago found us celebrating our great niece Ellery’s one year birthday. She loved the purple dog Great Aunt Dianne picked out for her. Enjoyed some great food and fun.

Then that Sunday found us celebrating my mom’s, Drue (Ellery’s mom) and Nancy (Betsy’s mother-in-law) birthdays! Each had their own cake. We had some great laughs talking about old memories. This was the last family gathering for our time here. I have really enjoyed being near my family for the last 13 weeks.

To Betsy & John, Tami & Bob, Dad & Mom and the rest of the clan we have truly enjoyed the hospitality, food, visiting and memory sharing. We look forward to more in the future. I have not had this much time at home since I left for the Army in 1987. But I sure have missed y’all and my hometown of Ashland. Dianne and I plan on staying on the East Coast for awhile, so we will be visiting more often than before!

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My Visit To Amish Country Ohio Part 1

This past weekend was awesome!!!! I have not seen my family in four years. It was great to see them all.

So my trip started with my flight on Thursday out of SeaTac Airport being delayed. The delay left me about 55 minutes to get off the plane at Dallas/Ft. Worth and catch my connection to Cleveland. No problem, the departing gate is only two away, I got this! As I boarded the plane I check the American Airlines app one more time, gate changed. Now my connecting flight is another whole concourse away. Well this should be interesting. Finally got airborne. And the view of the Washington Volcanoes was awesome.

2018-09-20 13.06.11

Mt. St. Helen

2018-09-20 13.07.30

Front – Mt. Adams, Rear – Mt. Ranier

2018-09-20 13.08.55

Mt. Hood

The flight was rather enjoyable. Small talk with my seat mates and got to see the Han Solo movie finally. We landed in Dallas and I checked my app again. My next flight was loading and I was still waiting to deplane….this could suck, and they changed my gate AGAIN. Now I have to get to the complete other side of the airport. As I get off the plane I am hit with heat and something I have not felt in four years heavy humidity. Thank my lucky stars they have a train. The race was on!! Made my next flight as they were doing the final boarding. I was a little sweaty as I boarded. I got to my seat and was ready to go and then the storm hit. We sat in the plane for an hour. Stale, and not cool, air blowing from the little vents. It was a long and sticky 60 minutes. We finally got the clearance to take off and all was good again.

As we approached the Cleveland Airport we flew by the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns stadiums. Both teams were playing. As soon as the wheels hit the tarmac several guys were getting their phones out of airplane mode to watch the last few seconds of the Browns game. A good number of people on board must have been Browns fans because as soon as it was announced by one passenger that the Browns had just won their first game in two years several people on the plane began celebrating. I knew I was home!!!!!

Got off the plane and was greeted by my sister Tami, her husband Bob, and my niece Arieanne. Was great to see them all. Quick stop for car fuel and people fuel, I had not eaten since Thursday morning, and we were off to Ashland!

Woke up Friday morning and visited with my mom for a few. Then I was off running last minute rehearsal dinner errands with Tami and keeping her calm. Her oldest was getting married Saturday and she was a little stressed! Went by Home Depot and saw my dad. He was working his last day for several weeks. Was great seeing my the old man!!

Got to meet my 3 month old great niece Ellery, daughter of my Nephew Blake and his future Bride Drue. She is truly precious and my sister Tami makes a good Nana!

Tami (Nana) with Ellery

My Sister Betsy picked my up Friday afternoon and took me to her house. Enjoyed seeing her, Katy and John. We did dinner with Dad at Dorlo’s Pizza, pizza from my child hood!! And Katy was our waitress. And I got to see a thunderstorm!!!! We don’t get those in the Seattle area.

Betsy and I waiting for Dad at Dorlo’s

Went back to their place and watched the movie Ready Player One. The author of the the Book is a graduate of my high school and a good friend of my Brother-In-Law John. Great movie. highly recommend it if you have not seen it.

Saturday was pretty much laid back and getting ready for my Nephew Nick’s wedding. It was an absolute gorgeous ceremony. Got to catch up with some relatives I had not seen in quite awhile. Was a great Saturday night!!

Road Trippin’ to the Wedding. Betsy, John, Katy and yours truly.
Tami in a dress AND heals, a rare sight!!!
Blake with his baby girl. Such a great daddy!
Dru pushing the Flower Girl Ellery
Nick and his Beautiful Bride Erica
First Dance
The three Amigos!! Tami, myself, and Betsy
Tami and Dad
Mom on ‘Baby Duty’ at the reception

This concludes the first part of my trip. Stay tuned for Part 2, Surgery Fun!!!

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Ooooh, That Smell! The Smell of Food Is Around You!

The Fair!! Do the Puyallup!! The Washington State Fair!! The sights and sounds of fun and joy. And those smells, fried food, elephant ears, smoked turkey legs, pulled pork flowing through the fair grounds.

We enjoyed an evening at the fair as a family. Enjoyed some great food and the free shows. Toured the ShowPlex, vendors hocking their stuff. Enjoyed the hobby building. The talents of both young and old on display. Pretty cool stuff.

The fair before it opens. I love working early shifts. It is so peaceful.

The Plymouth Fury and the 90 model Mustang behind it are cars from the local Sheriffs Department. Both cars have been maintained and are fully functional, lights siren, radio. A deputy could show up, of course they can’t) and use either of these vehicles for a shift and not have to worry. The Deputy working the recruitment booth said the Plymouth Fury sails on the interstate.

So many of you may remember the recuse hound Flash we fostered. His Hoomans moved to Ft. Bragg a few months ago. They bought a beautiful beach home on Topsail Beach, NC. Topsail Beach was in the direct path of Hurricane Florence. We are still praying on a positive outcome of their new home.

Bored hounds as their hoomans prep the house for the Hurricane. Flash just sleeping away in the back while the girls watch the work.

This past Sunday we hosted a going away party for one of the residents here in the RV Park. Izabel is moving to Eastern Washington in a few weeks. She has been a great a friend and we wish here all the best.

Nothing else really new with the family. I am flying home to Ohio on the 20th for my nephews wedding and my dads hip replacement surgery. Looking forward to catching up with family and friends. Brad is looking for a full time job here and Chris is enjoying his position with his company. Malia and her little family are doing well as is Steven and his family.

Until next time, keep it between the navigational beacons…..

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Ceramics and Dog Parks Make for a Fun Time

Not a super eventful week. Fair started last Friday here in Puyallup. This is the ‘unofficial’ State Fair. The fair is 20 some days long with live acts almost every night including Florida Georgia Line, Toby Keith, Fluffy, an 80’s night and others. Of course with the fair means overtime for me. My company has the contract for the fairgrounds year round.

A staple of the fair for decades are the Fisher Scones. These little delicacies leave the fair by the bagful. They are so popular that in the fair off season, they will park their truck in various locations throughout the Puget Sound. People will line up 40 to 50 deep, in the cold and rain, just to get these babies. During the fair they have several locations throughout the grounds. They stay lined up throughout the day. We have developed a liking for them as well. So when I work I have to bring a bakers dozen for the house!! It is not like the scones we are used to. It is more of a biscuit with their raspberry jelly in the middle. Mmm Mmm!!!!

One of the posts I worked this past weekend at the fair had a beautiful flower arrangement. I could not resist taking a picture.

As I said in a few previous posts, dianne and the boys have enjoyed doing ceramics, and this past week was no exception. Here are some pics of some of their creations to date.

Labor Day we went with our neighbor Izabel and her three fur babies to a new dog park in Puyallup. Unfortunately, they did not have a small dog area so her 3 babies did not get to play the whole time. Several larger and hyper dogs showed up to play in the park as well. Are three hounds had a great time though.

The weather has been absolutely perfect. They are calling for several days of rain starting late this week. It is getting to be about that time, Rainy Season. Not my favorite time of the year here.

We are suppose to be going to the fair with Dianne’s employer this Saturday. So look for pictures of our fun and food filled day!! We had a great time last year and are hoping for the same this year.

Until next time, may the odds be ever in your favor….

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Vampires and Hounds

Greetings from Washington!! Still enjoying our time here! This past week we saw the smoke clear and even had some rain. Brad, Chris and Dianne made another trip to the ceramics place. Once they get this next batch of stuff picked up I will do a quick blog showcasing their work.

So Dianne and I took the hounds and headed off to the Olympic Peninsula and through the Olympic National Park. Highway 101 loops around the whole peninsula so we did the loop. First stop was Forks, WA. Forks was made famous by the books and movies titled “Twilight”. You know the Sparkly Vampire Movies. The written story was based in Forks, but virtually none of the filming was done there. Most of that was done in Oregon. We did take a photo of the high school, which was not the high school used in the movie. But the sign out front, yes an old wooden sign was superimposed onto the film. You can see it below.

Next stop was the rain forest. Of course most of the peninsula is very green. They gat massive amounts of rain over there. Moss, ferns, massive cedar trees, vegetation – a far cry from the dried up Seattle area. Absolutely stunning.

Next stop was Ruby Beach. Even though it was a dreary and misty day, there were lots of folks checking out the beach. Drift wood was everywhere, rock and sand made this a magical place. The hounds enjoyed the beach as well.

Leaving Ruby Beach and heading home we were caught up in some road construction. As Dianne was talking with the flagger, Monty took the opportunity to squeeze between the door post and the seat to come up front. He is the only hound skinny enough to fit there. The barricade between the seats keeps the other hounds in the back.

Of course this reminded me of a little over a year ago when we drove to Idaho and picked up a Monty Gene. He still loves to snuggle with mommy.

Finally got the ‘manufactures defect’ (they forgot to screw one side of the slide floor to the slide wall on the RV) fixed. Fixed better than new! Could not be happier. Will be working on getting the RV travel ready over the next couple of months. New tires, Bearings greases, brakes checked….. Getting ready to move when you have sat for 2 years requires a little maintenance and several checks. But I want to avoid any potential problems on the move East this December.

The Washington State Fair kicks off this Friday. This will mean overtime for me. My company has the security contract for the fair grounds year round. Lots of help hired for the State Fair: Security, bag checking, alcohol enforcement and event staff. The weather looks to be absolutely perfect this year. Last year the temps were a little on the warm side the first week of the fair. Of course I love to imbibe on the VERY unhealthy fair food.

Bought my plane ticket to make the trip home September 20th to the 25th. My nephews wedding is Saturday the 22nd. I was originally only going home for the weekend. But they moved my dads hip replacement surgery to the 24th, so I extended my stay to be there with my mom during the surgery. I am soooo looking forward to seeing my parents, my sisters and the rest of my family. Hoping to catch up with some friends as well. It has been 4 years since Dianne and I have seen our families. She will be definitely seeing her’s this December.

Dianne is still enjoying her time at Good Sam Hospital. They treat her really well there and the staff likes her. Probably been one of her better traveling assignments thus far.

Well, that about sums up this update. Hope y’all have a great week. And remember life is a journey, not a destination!

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Smoke On The Water

We have had an illegal border crossing to our North!!! Canadian Smoke has illegally crossed the border and has smothered us in heavy smoke and ash. We may finally see this clear up later this week. The Hounds don’t like it, not one bit! This smoke means they are not getting their walks. In all seriousness though, we continue to pray and ask that you do as well, for all those affected by these wild fires all across the Western United States and Canada.

The trees in the background are about a mile away. Visibility in most areas around us is a mile or less.

This past Saturday we attended the annual Basset Bash in Woodinville, Washington. It was cooler this year, so the turnout was huge. The day started with the parade. The Basset Brigade was large and in full force!! The parade watchers truly enjoyed the hounds and their antics.

After the parade we were off to DeYoung Park for the Basset Bash. Lots of silliness by ‘hound’ and ‘hoomans’ alike!! The usual fair of contests were done: longest ears, best butt/tail wiggle, costume contest and of course the best howl!!! We had a great time visiting with friends and making new ones. All three hounds, and two hoomans for that matter, were worn out and slept the whole trip home. Ok, so I did not sleep the whole way home….that would have made it hard to drive.

The pups were VERY excited to be at their first Basset Bash

Morgana had a ‘cooler’ approach to showing her excitement

Yes, that is me in the kennel with the dogs…

Last Thursday I got my annual LEOSA Qualification completed so I am good to go for another year. Chris seems to really be enjoying being back in the cell phone world. Brad is looking for full-time employment. The boys are actively looking to move out on their own before we head back East this December. The grand-babies are all doing well. Dianne is still enjoying her assignment at Good Sam in Puyallup. She has been there two years. They would LOVE for us to settle here and for Dianne to go full-time with them. She has made some great friends there. But alas, the Gypsy Soul cannot be contained for very long and so we will be off to another assignment soon.

Hope y’all have enjoyed the update. Until next time, don’t breathe in too much smoke…

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Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

Well this week has been another ‘warm’ one here in the Pacific Northwest. But we have survived and tomorrow is forecasted to be much cooler and rainy! And do we need the rain. Washington, like most western states right now are tinder boxes. It is already an active fire season here in Washington

Congratulations to my nephew Blake and his lady Drue on the birth of their first child this week. Ellery is a beautiful healthy baby and she made my sister a granny!!!!

So Dianne and some of her co-workers went to a ceramics place and made some cool stuff. Dianne liked it so much she took Brad to a session this week. Here are some pics of their pieces before firing.

Dianne made this to hold our stove utensils

Here is Brad working on his piece

Got an update on a Basset Hound we fostered for surgery. Flash is now living at Ft. Bragg North Carolina. He is now Airborne!!!! He and his sisters seem to be adjusting to the heat fairly well.

And speaking of Hounds… We went to a new dog park this past Monday. This park had two ponds. Well Mahana decided to show us she likes water and his a swimmer. Mind you, we have never taken her to a water source before. She decided to jump in, swim about a 10 foot circle, and exit the water. She is such a goof ball!!!

This is Mahana right after she exited the pond. She has that “that’s right, I’m bad” look!!

Chris started a new job this week. He seems to be happier. He was bored being a lot attendant at the Toyota dealership. He is now back selling cell phone accessories and doing electronic repairs.

Planning on starting the clean out/up process this weekend. Less than 4 months until we start the travel thing again. Sitting still for 2 years allowed us to accumulate ‘stuff’! Stuff = weight, and weight ain’t good when you pulling an RV!!!

Have a great weekend y’all and be safe!!!