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Hound Take Over Edition – Hoomans Ain’t Posting About Us

Hi!! I am Morgana, THE Pretty Princess Hound of the Leiter Hound Clan. I have noticed that the Hooman Slaves have not been posting pictures of us hounds, even though they are constantly snapping very unflattering shots of us. I got with my younger siblings, Monty and Morgana, and we planned a take over of the blog. So why mom and dad are at the store we are letting you know what we hounds have been doing!!

We spent the winter in lovely South Dakota. We saw this monument to some dead guys, I think it was called Mt. Rushmore. The three of us hounds decided we need our mugs in stone somewhere. We did enjoy the snow a whole bunch!!

Patrolling Our Surroundings

Mahana in her winter coat

My little brother Monty sporting the lumberjack look

And me sporting the best winter wear for a Princess











We then made a loooong road trip across the world to a place called Ohio. My hooman daddy is from there. He seemed to enjoy visiting his hooman family. We did not complain as we hounds got a bunch of attention!!

Mahana meeting her hooman Grandma

Mahana meeting her hooman Grandpa

Monty giving his hooman Grandpa a hard time

We got visit Aunt Betsy’s house after our vet visit

Here we are enjoying a beautiful summer day in Ohio

We went to a dog park where we meant some pretty wild Basset pups named Arthur and Fred. I let Monty and Morgana keep them busy.











We now live in Louisville, Kentucky. Hoomans here seem to have an accent like my mommy. We live at an RV Park at a Flea Market, I hate fleas so I don’t know why anyone would sell the. We are parked between the indoor market and the outdoor market. It is nice as all my hooman subjects get to come by and show the respect to me their Pretty Princess.

Well I better get off before mommy and daddy catch me. Monty keeps naggin’ me to ask y’all to send us treats and toys. Mahana just wants to tell y’all she loves you. Here are some random pics of us that we think should have been shared with y’all.

Until next time, kisses ans slobber, Morgana


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