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Hey, I Need A Boat Here In Ohio

Apparently Ohio is competing with Eastern Washington for the rainfall totals. It is so wet here I saw a new ride share service Canoeuber paddling down the road near me. We are finally getting a ‘break’ from the rain. Independence Day week we are only saw a handful of days of rain, although those days were heavy. The forecast over this coming weeks is looking much dryer.

Since my last update we had an interesting electrical issue. So apparently when assembled the personal may not pay attention to detail. In our case loose wire nuts. I started smelling this electrical burn smell and noticed my main line surge protector was not showing normal lights. After some trial and error I realized that the problem was on my end and not the campground. This meant a couple of nights of no power. Fortunately the lights are on the 12 volt side and the battery was fully charged so we had lights. RV Mobile Tech came out and found the problem. Where the main power wire come ins there is a metal junction box where that wire connects to the wire that goes to the panel and inverter. The wire nut on the neutral loosened up causing the wire to make contact with the metal junction box. He got us fixed up and back in service!

Went to dinner with my sister Betsy and her family. In a little town near is a quaint pizzeria called Fracasso’s Village Pizza. They had a really good pizza pie there. After dinner we went to the Alum Creek Dam and Recreation Area. Water was at super high flow because of all the rain.

Great Blue Heron we saw as we were leaving the rec area. Picture by my niece Katy

My other sister Tami, her hubby Bob and her daughter Arieanne came down for some of my awesome John Wayne Casserole with watermelon for desert.

Me catching both my sister and her husband with watermelon in their mouth. 🙂

July 2nd was not friendly to us. Dianne came home from work 3 hours early with the stomach bug. 3 hours later it hit me, with a vengeance. Great weight loss program. Dianne could finally start eating again on Saturday and I could on Sunday. It made for a rough week.

July 1-6 was the annual 13 Colonies Amateur Radio Special Event Station. Lots of fun trying to make contact, competing with 100s of other amateurs world wide, with each station. I got all 13 colonies and the extra station out of Philadelphia, PA station. I just could not get the extra station out of Great Britain.

That wraps up this update. Until next time, stay cool!


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