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The Edge Of The Nation

Greeting from the Oregon Coast!!! The weather has been just spectacular here. We have been enjoying being outside, especially at the dog park, as much as possible. The dogs are loving the weather and the new scents that come with fall. Flash is fitting right in with the family. Already ‘ruined’ to say the least.

Here is flash and Morgana coming back from the market on the pier in FlorenceAnd here is Brad Washington crossing the mighty yard at the pier!!!

We spent Labor Day at the beach. It was very relaxing to say the least. Although the water is cold the dogs and humans enjoyed the Beach Life for a few hours. The tide was coming in during our time there. We enjoyed seeing how much land got covered back up by the rising tide. It was quite mind blowing.

Bradley, Dianne, Flash, and Morgana enjoying the surf.

“Enough fun in the surf. Let’s go back and get sand all over dad” Flash and Morgana stated.

Back safely at the blankets…

Here is a little something you don’t see back East!!!

Bradley flew to Missouri last Thursday. He seems to be having a really great time. Michaela and him seem to be enjoying each other’s company and are seeing the sights in Springfield. Of course he has to give us daily reports so we know he is still alive. Yes we know he is almost 19, but he still mommy’s baby boy!!!
We also found out what our new destination will be. Dianne will have a 13 week contract in Tacoma Washington. We will be going back to Puyallup, WA to the Majestic Mobile Manor. The RV park is only 8 miles from the hospital and we know the park well. We were really hoping to stay here for possibly another contract, but that was just not in the cards for us. But being in Puyallup means Happy Donuts, which means happy Bob, which also means happy Dianne!!! Brad has several friends there as well from church and from working at Target last Christmas. This also means we will be there through the entire rainy season. Dianne wants to buy the dogs rain slickers, me not so much!

Friday evening found Dianne and I taking a road trip to Newport, Oregon. This section of Highway 101 takes you to the Edge of the Nation, literally. There are places where this town lane road has rock wall on one side and a straight drop down to the ocean on the other side. It also a curvy section of 101 so it makes driving very interesting. There are several places to pull off on the ocean side and observe the ocean. One such place is at Devils Churn. It is amazing what the forces of nature can do.

Dianne with her new hairdo at Devils Churn

Saturday we found ourselves back on Bay Street in Downtown Florence. They were having a big car show. Lots of classic cars. You very rarely see a Chevy Bel Air Nomad wagon, Saturday I saw three beautiful ones. Dianne and I, with Flash and Morgana in tow, decided to eat on the deck of the International C-Food Restaurant. We both enjoyed the fish and chips and crab cakes. It was quite good. The view of the Suislaw River and the ocean breeze made it absolutely perfect. Flash and Morgana enjoyed all the attention they got from the patrons!!! They also enjoyed the break from all the walking.

The rest of the family is doing well. We are staying busy with Dianne’s work and then building our business.

Until next time, do some good in the world!


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