Travel Nursing

Ok, Ok, It’s Been A Year….

So it has been over a year since we last posted to the blog. Many things have taken place. Over the next few days I will catch you up on all the details. We have had some changes in our lives, both good and bad.

So where are we and what are we doing now? We are currently residing in Puyallup Washington. We have been here a year. Dianne is still doing the travel nursing gig and I am working as well. We really miss our friends and family back East, we hope to be able to make some visits back there soon.

Brad decided to attend school here. He started his journey towards getting his AA in Culinary Arts. Chef Boy-R-Brad is doing well in school and is enjoying learning all the different cultures of cooking. He has been dating a very nice young lady, Payge. She puts up with him, so this is a plus!!!



Chris is still in the Salt Lake Valley. He is a store manager for a cell phone accessory store chain called Tricked Out Accessories. He bought his first car, a Prius and is enjoying the joys of car ownership.


Malia finished the first step toward her Nursing Degree. She and Steven also gave birth to Wyatt – my first Grandson. I am still glowing from that. This is her second youngin’. Willow is growing like a weed and is a super proud big sister.




Steven is still in the Salt Lake Valley. He is doing fiber installs and conducting training for his company. Kayla is doing hair part-time and enjoying every minute of it. Macee is getting big.


Well there you have it, the quick up to date on the Gypsies. I will start posting some specifics since my last post back in September 2016. We have done some pretty amazing things and had some pretty sad events.

Until next time………


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