Over The Mountains and Through the Valleys to Longview Washington We Go!!! (Part 2)

Reno. We stayed at a super nice RV resort. If you are looking for a nice place Sparks Marina RV Resort is well worth the money. We do not do much in Reno. But the views going to Reno were spectacular!!

2015-05-11 18.43.55 2015-05-11 18.44.00

The next day was our shortest driving day! We went only about 350 miles to McCloud, California. The RV Park we stayed in was in the shadow of Mount Shasta!! Beautiful area. Unfortunately, we seen the result of the extreme drought in California. We past one lake that was 100s of acres in size. It was nothing but a grass meadow. Several other smaller lakes were just as dry.

2015-05-12 13.20.29 2015-05-12 13.59.30 2015-05-12 14.06.32 2015-05-13 07.57.10

We saw a little bit of all kinds of weather going to McCloud. We had warm and cold. We had sunny, rainy, and snowy.

We left McCloud and went to Eugene, Oregon. We did absolutely nothing in Eugene. Left the next morning early and arrived in Silver Lake, Washington. The Silver Cove RV Resort is our home for the 13 weeks we are here.

We have all kinds of sights here. Deer that come right up to your campsite. Ducks and Geese galore. We can see Mount Saint Helen in the distance. She is quiet…..knock on wood!!!

Blue Heron

Blue Heron

The Geese!!

The Geese!!

The Baby Geese

The Baby Geese

Baby Ducks!

Baby Ducks!


Until next time, be cool my friends!!!


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