Over The Mountains and Through the Valleys to Longview Washington We Go!!! (Part 1)

It is hard to believe we have been here in Washington for 3 weeks!!! We really have not done much since we have gotten here. We got here on Thursday afternoon and Bradley left that following Monday to fly to Georgia for 3 weeks. With Dianne working during the day I have been playing around on amateur radio and watching movies at night with the bride.

As for the trip here, well, it was adventurous. We left Las Cruces, New Mexico on Saturday May 9 and headed to Casa Grande, Arizona. We met up with an old friend from Georgia, Mike Best. We met his awesome wife and 2 little girls. It was great seeing him and his family. We also got to have a Sonora Dog for dinner. That was a great treat!!! They are very popular in Arizona.

The Sonora Dog!!!!

The Sonora Dog!!!!

We left Sunday morning May 10 and headed to Las Vegas, Nevada. WOW!!!! That was a long and boring stretch of state route we travelled. We did stop and check out the Hoover Dam. The state route actually now bypasses the dam by going over the dam. They built a massive bridge that spans the valley. Very impressive site.

DSC01606 DSC01602

The new bridge with walkway for viewing the damn

The new bridge with walkway for viewing the damn

The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam

Paddle Boat at top of dam

Paddle Boat at top of dam

We set up camp and went to the Vegas Strip!!! It is true what they say, it is the city of lights!!! We want to go back and walk the strip sometime.

2015-05-10 22.11.13 2015-05-10 22.25.13 2015-05-10 22.30.24 2015-05-10 22.31.38

Before leaving Vegas we made to other stops. We went by the Las Vegas Nevada Temple, DSC01620 DSC01626

And by the Pawn Stars shop.

2015-05-11 09.51.36 2015-05-11 09.59.13 2015-05-11 10.05.02

Brad even got a picture with Rick!!!!!

2015-05-11 09.57.04

Cardboard cutout Rick!!!!!!

We left Vegas and headed to Reno………


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