Only 4 Weeks Left in Longview Washington

TIME HAS FLOWN!!!! Cannot believe we have been here 9 weeks already. The weather has been unusual here. Normally they do not get their “hot” spell until July. This year it started in June and came with days in the upper 90s!! And we have seen almost no rain since we have been here which is also very unusual for this time of year. This week we are finally getting a break from the heat, but still no rain.

July 4th we went to the Bow Tie Classic Car Show in Longview Washington. We saw some beautiful, and unique, cars.

2015-07-04 12.27.28 DSC01706 DSC01712 DSC01718 DSC01723 DSC01724 DSC01731 DSC01734 DSC01738 DSC01743 DSC01747

We ate lunch at a really cool Greek place in downtown Longview. The food was awesome and the customer service was off the chain. We had a great time, until…….. On the way home the Jeep’s alternator went out. Fortunately, we made it home. In the 4 years in 9 months I have owned the Jeep (longest I have ever owned a vehicle I might add) this was the first issue. Almost 130,000 miles on the factory alternator so I guess it was time. Should have the Jeep back up and running this coming weekend. No one in town has the alternator in stock. Since we are going to the Portland area Friday morning, I can just pick it up there. It has been a LONG two weeks with my Jeep down. This being the first time Lil’ Red has been down, it has been depressing. Love my Jeep!!!

My son Steven and his new bride are coming up for a visit this weekend from Salt Lake City. We are super excited about the visit.

We also have our new assignment. Dianne is taking a 13 week assignment in Seattle, Washington at the children’s hospital. We already have reservation at an RV place in Everett, Washington. Compared to the 5 day adventure coming here, I will take a 2 hour adventure getting there!!! We will be there until the last part of November. We are hoping to go east, but we will go where employment is available.

Anyway, everything else is going well. The dogs are really loving the RV life. They love all the people who just have to pet them or scratch their ears. Spoiled dogs….. Been doing a lot of amateur radio here. Several local nets as well as some regional HF nets. Met some pretty cool guys through the radio.

Brad went to Youth Conference a few weeks ago. He had a really great time. He made some really cool friends and had some awesome spiritual experiences. He got do go caving at Ape Caves. The Ape Caves were created after the 1980 Mount Saint Helen Eruption.

Dianne is really enjoying the easier workload at this hospital. She actually gets bored some days. They have low surgical case numbers at this hospital. Of course this gives her time to read and sell thirty-one. She is loving the travel nursing gig. I am happy she is enjoying herself.

Malia is due anytime with our first grandchild, a granddaughter. We are really excited for Malia and Steven and cannot wait for Willow to join us in the world. As soon as she is born I will be blogging pics and stuff. You know, all the crazy stuff new grandparents do!!!

Next time I will be sharing pics and factoids about our trip to see the VOLCANO!!!!


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