Christmas ROCKED!!!!

Seasons Greetings!! The New Year is just about upon us. Where does the time go? I remember my Nana telling me once that the older you get the faster the time goes. I thought she was just crazy, boy was I wrong.

Christmas was different for us this year. This is the first Christmas we were not around some element of extended family. It was just Dianne, the boys, and myself. It was quite relaxing to say the least. No hurrying to get things done for this social event, panicking to get stuff prepped and the house ready for family, and going crazy trying to get everything done by Christmas!!! Do not get me wrong, we truly missed spending time with our families. And those of you that know me know I truly missed the food!!! But it was also nice to just have each other and enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If my daughter and Steven could have been here it would have been perfect.

Speaking of my daughter my Christmas present from her was the gift of life. Malia and fiancé Steven are expecting their first. So it appears that Dianne and myself will be entering the world of Grandparents in July 2015. It is exciting but scary at the same time. More to come on this as we get closer to the time.

Christmas Dinner!! There is a chain restaurant here called Luby’s. It is cafeteria style eating. Besides their usual selections, they had prime rib and these massive pork chops Christmas Day. We enjoyed a fine meal and pies to die for. Probably as close to home cooking as one could find.

We went down to the river walk Christmas Night. BEAUTIFUL!!! Very tranquil, yet at the same time, lots of energy. There were some establishments open, one with a live venue, and people everywhere.

On Christmas Eve morning I took a container of some homemade goodies and mini candy canes to the front office for the management and staff here. Many of the staff have thanked us personally. We attached the Christmas.Mormon.Org pass along card to the candy canes. This card had information about the true meaning of Christmas and info on going to the website and viewing a wonderful Christmas video.

Enjoy the Pictures below. They tell the whole story!

We are down to just 3 weeks left here in San Antonio. We will leave here on the 20th of January for Las Cruces, New Mexico. We have a few things we want to do here before we leave. So we will be working on that list and posting pictures here soon.

Until next time, stay excellent my friends………

Skyping with family on Christmas Eve

Skyping with family on Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve Feast Part 1

The Christmas Eve Feast Part 1

Christmas Eve Feast Part 2

Christmas Eve Feast Part 2

Da Presents!!!!

Da Presents!!!!

Merlin with his new toy that Santa brought him!!!

Merlin with his new toy that Santa brought him!!!

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk

The 3 Amigos on the Riverwalk

The 3 Amigos on the River Walk

More of the Riverwalk

More of the River Walk

Crazy people of San Antonio.....

Crazy people of San Antonio…..


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