Happy New Year from San Antonio, Texas!!!

The New Year is here. We celebrated the bringing in of 2015 with a bang!! Ok, Dianne and I watched the local news station coverage of the huge party in downtown San Antonio. Looked like a mini Time Square. Party goers were everywhere!! Brad was invited to the Stake Presidents house for a little partying Mormon style! The highlight for him was the hot tub…..then the group jumping into the cold pool….then back in the hot tub….then back in the pool. Young people…. Of course Brad came down with the flu a few days later. Hmmm, wonder why? Dianne and I have managed to avoid it thus far. Hopefully we will avoid the flu bug this year.

We finally had the opportunity to eat authentic Mexican food. There is definitely a difference between authentic and “Tex-Mex” like most Mexican restaurants back in Georgia serve. We also bought a few things from the Mexican bakery. The sweat treats are different as well. Truly enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere at the restaurant. If you are ever in San Antonio I highly recommend Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery. They are open 24 hours for convenience. http://www.mitierracafe.com/home.php

We have been enjoying the LOWER gas prices here in Texas. I filled up the Jeep yesterday for $1.79 a gallon. I know it will not last, but I am most certainly enjoying it while I can.

We have two weeks left here in San Antonio. Dianne’s next 13 week contract has us bound for Las Cruces, New Mexico. Las Cruces is about 35 mile Northwest of El Paso Texas, which means it is 35 miles from the Mexico border. Should be exciting!

We have been RV shopping. We are looking for a good used RV that we can pull behind the truck. The extended stay motels are nice, but we can save money by owning a RV. It will give the dogs more room, us more room, and not have to actually pack every 13 weeks. We will see how are shopping goes.

Tomorrow we are going to Corpus Christi, Texas. Dianne has been wanting to go since we got here. we have been told the port area is beautiful. It will be my first time seeing the Gulf of Mexico. Look for a blog update with pictures in the coming days.

Until next time……..


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