And here we are….Christmas Eve!

Been  a few weeks since we updated the blog! Thanksgiving was awesome. We learned a lot about our next stop Las Cruces, New Mexico. Really sounds like there is some cool stuff to do and see there, especially if you own a Jeep!!! Got our room reserved at the Motel 6. They have some rooms with a kitchenette. We really like the Extended Stay America franchise, but there is not one there. We will survive.

Not much has happened the last few weeks. Still home schooling Brad. He can be hard-headed at times. Then again, so can I. He gets it naturally! 🙂  He is doing well in all his subjects. He still struggles some with math, but he is improving.

Have done a bunch of Christmas shopping the last couple of weeks. Hoping to start shipping boxes to our family this next week or so. Still waiting on a few items to be delivered. Kids stuff has been bought and just waiting for tomorrow morning. Chris flew in last night……around 11:05 PM…..long story, he was supposed to be here at 1PMish. He flies home on Friday, so a short visit. Las Cruces is about an 10 to 11 hour drive from Chris so we may be able to see more of him during the 13 weeks we are there.

If you have not viewed this great video, http://www.mormon.org/christmas please do so. It is just another great reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. He is the reason. Just as we give thoughtful gifts to each other, our Father in Heaven gave us a great gift so many years ago. I know with surety that Jesus IS our Lord and Savior.

Until next time…..

Merry Christmas!!!


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