Travel Nursing

Changes Are a Coming

So 2 years ago we made the choice to stay here in Puyallup, Washington while our son attended Culinary School. Well, school is over and our Gypsy Souls are ready for a change. If all goes as planned, we are looking to go back East late this fall. We love the weather here and the friends we have made. And I am sure travel nursing will bring us back this way. But our families are on the East Coast and we want to spend some time being near them.

Speaking of family, my parents celebrated their 51st wedding Anniversary a few days ago. What an example they are in a fast food, quickie divorce for stupid stuff society. Marriage is a LIFE LONG commitment and my parents exemplify that. Congrats to you both and love ya lots!!!

My granddaughter Willow in Alabama celebrated her 3rd Birthday a few days ago as well. She is getting so big. My daughter Malia and her husband Steven are raising her right. So proud of them.

Not much else happened this last week. Getting ready for the Woodinville Basset Bash and the Basset Rescue of Puget Sound Howl-a-ween party. Both events are a blast for the hounds and hoomans!!! Planning a quick trip to South Dakota. SD is a VERY FRIENDLY RVer state. We will be getting our SD Drivers License and tags for our vehicles. And since we will be about 15 miles from Mount Rushmore a stop there will be in the works as well!!

Until next time…..


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