Travel Nursing

2018 Is Here!

Well today I am bummed. I watched the Georgia ‘Dawgs’ lose the National Championship to Alabama. A great game played by both teams hungry for the title. Hopefully my true love O H I O State Buckeyes will be the team winning the Championship next year. šŸ˜‰

Not much has happened thus far this year. We had the usual fun filled New Years Eve of protecting Morgana from the evil firework demons! The two pups did not even notice, but poor Morgana did. We also had our Southern Traditional New Years Day Meal of ham, collard greens and black eyed peas. Dianne also made a ‘mountain’ of cornbread. No, really it was a mountain!!!!

uppies are growing like weeds. Monty is 8 months now and Mahana is 3 months. She got her first vet visit with us. She did well. No whimpers or whines getting her shots. And, this is unusual for a Basset Hound, had no problem with the vet clipping her nails. She is one tough little girl!

ley starts back to school this week. He is on track to finish in the Fall. He is excited about one of his classes this semester, Asian Cuisine. If you know Brad you know he has a HUGE love of the Asian culture and food. I was disappointed that they are only spending one week on Korean Cuisine, but I guess Japanese and Chinese Cuisine is mor popular.

Chris seems to like his new job at Ashley Furniture. He is hoping to transfer to an Atlanta area store in the coming months and pursue some acting opportunities in Atlanta. Georgia has become a second Hollywood, The Walking Dead and MacGyver are filmed there to name a few. We are hoping the best for him. His true love has been acting.

Dianne got another extension at Good Sam Hospital in Puyallup. So she will be there until mid March. It looks like this may be here last extension there. They are starting there own Float Pool to cut back on the number of traveling nurses they use. It has been nice for the last year though. The hospital is only about 8 to 10 minutes from the RV!!

Weather here has been pleasant this year. Last winter by this time we had several days that started below freezing. This year, thus far, we may have had 2 or 3. (Insert me knocking on wood here). We have also had a lot less rain this year as well.

Well that about sums up what is happening here in the Pacific Northwest. Until next time…..


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