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Smoke On The Water

We have had an illegal border crossing to our North!!! Canadian Smoke has illegally crossed the border and has smothered us in heavy smoke and ash. We may finally see this clear up later this week. The Hounds don’t like it, not one bit! This smoke means they are not getting their walks. In all seriousness though, we continue to pray and ask that you do as well, for all those affected by these wild fires all across the Western United States and Canada.

The trees in the background are about a mile away. Visibility in most areas around us is a mile or less.

This past Saturday we attended the annual Basset Bash in Woodinville, Washington. It was cooler this year, so the turnout was huge. The day started with the parade. The Basset Brigade was large and in full force!! The parade watchers truly enjoyed the hounds and their antics.

After the parade we were off to DeYoung Park for the Basset Bash. Lots of silliness by ‘hound’ and ‘hoomans’ alike!! The usual fair of contests were done: longest ears, best butt/tail wiggle, costume contest and of course the best howl!!! We had a great time visiting with friends and making new ones. All three hounds, and two hoomans for that matter, were worn out and slept the whole trip home. Ok, so I did not sleep the whole way home….that would have made it hard to drive.

The pups were VERY excited to be at their first Basset Bash

Morgana had a ‘cooler’ approach to showing her excitement

Yes, that is me in the kennel with the dogs…

Last Thursday I got my annual LEOSA Qualification completed so I am good to go for another year. Chris seems to really be enjoying being back in the cell phone world. Brad is looking for full-time employment. The boys are actively looking to move out on their own before we head back East this December. The grand-babies are all doing well. Dianne is still enjoying her assignment at Good Sam in Puyallup. She has been there two years. They would LOVE for us to settle here and for Dianne to go full-time with them. She has made some great friends there. But alas, the Gypsy Soul cannot be contained for very long and so we will be off to another assignment soon.

Hope y’all have enjoyed the update. Until next time, don’t breathe in too much smoke…

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Taking The Hounds Swimming

Had a nice weekend. Temperatures were down and we actually got some rain Saturday. Been several weeks since we had any. Unfortunately, the wildfire areas that really needed did not get any measurable amount.

We went to Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. The dog park there has a beach to Lake Washington for the dogs to enjoy. And two of our pack of three enjoyed the water. The pups loved it, our 6 year old hound decided she would rather oversee things from a higher vantage point. The doggos were pretty worn out after their day at the beach.

Had a laid back day Sunday after church. Dianne fried catfish & tator tots and made Cole Slaw. Then Chris treated her to the new Winnie the Pooh movie. They watched A LOT of Pooh when Chris was but a wee lad. All and all not a bad weekend even with the rain.

Next two weekends are event filled. First the Woodinville, Washington Basset Bash and parade. Then the next weekend heading up to the Olympic Peninsula to see Ruby Beach, the rain forest and Forks, Wa…..Forks, Wa has something to do with some sparkly vampires 🧛‍♂️ 🧛‍♀️ or something.

Until next time keep your head down and your powder dry….

LDS, Travel Nursing

Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

Well this week has been another ‘warm’ one here in the Pacific Northwest. But we have survived and tomorrow is forecasted to be much cooler and rainy! And do we need the rain. Washington, like most western states right now are tinder boxes. It is already an active fire season here in Washington

Congratulations to my nephew Blake and his lady Drue on the birth of their first child this week. Ellery is a beautiful healthy baby and she made my sister a granny!!!!

So Dianne and some of her co-workers went to a ceramics place and made some cool stuff. Dianne liked it so much she took Brad to a session this week. Here are some pics of their pieces before firing.

Dianne made this to hold our stove utensils

Here is Brad working on his piece

Got an update on a Basset Hound we fostered for surgery. Flash is now living at Ft. Bragg North Carolina. He is now Airborne!!!! He and his sisters seem to be adjusting to the heat fairly well.

And speaking of Hounds… We went to a new dog park this past Monday. This park had two ponds. Well Mahana decided to show us she likes water and his a swimmer. Mind you, we have never taken her to a water source before. She decided to jump in, swim about a 10 foot circle, and exit the water. She is such a goof ball!!!

This is Mahana right after she exited the pond. She has that “that’s right, I’m bad” look!!

Chris started a new job this week. He seems to be happier. He was bored being a lot attendant at the Toyota dealership. He is now back selling cell phone accessories and doing electronic repairs.

Planning on starting the clean out/up process this weekend. Less than 4 months until we start the travel thing again. Sitting still for 2 years allowed us to accumulate ‘stuff’! Stuff = weight, and weight ain’t good when you pulling an RV!!!

Have a great weekend y’all and be safe!!!

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Hot Days and Hot Hounds

So we have been dealing with a ‘heat wave’ here in the Pacific Northwest. Temperatures in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s here is really hot. For us Georgians it is hot but nice with humidity in the 20% to 30% range. Could down coming this week with highs in the mid and upper 70s.

Saturday Dianne’s work (PACU) had a picnic. We took the hounds and they of course were a hit. They got a little warm toward the end, but overall they, and us hoomans, had a great time. Awesome fellowship and outstanding food!!


Dianne gave the 2 pups a bath yesterday. The usual Basset NASCAR Event takes place afterwards!! All 3 hounds are going to the Vet tomorrow. Morgana and Monty for their yearly shots and Mahana for her microchip.

Planning a trip to the Olympic Peninsula in two weeks to visit Ruby Beach, a rain forest and then Forks, Washington (the place where some show about sparkling vampires was filmed, Twilight I think it was called! 😂)

Until next time, safe travels…..

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Changes Are a Coming

So 2 years ago we made the choice to stay here in Puyallup, Washington while our son attended Culinary School. Well, school is over and our Gypsy Souls are ready for a change. If all goes as planned, we are looking to go back East late this fall. We love the weather here and the friends we have made. And I am sure travel nursing will bring us back this way. But our families are on the East Coast and we want to spend some time being near them.

Speaking of family, my parents celebrated their 51st wedding Anniversary a few days ago. What an example they are in a fast food, quickie divorce for stupid stuff society. Marriage is a LIFE LONG commitment and my parents exemplify that. Congrats to you both and love ya lots!!!

My granddaughter Willow in Alabama celebrated her 3rd Birthday a few days ago as well. She is getting so big. My daughter Malia and her husband Steven are raising her right. So proud of them.

Not much else happened this last week. Getting ready for the Woodinville Basset Bash and the Basset Rescue of Puget Sound Howl-a-ween party. Both events are a blast for the hounds and hoomans!!! Planning a quick trip to South Dakota. SD is a VERY FRIENDLY RVer state. We will be getting our SD Drivers License and tags for our vehicles. And since we will be about 15 miles from Mount Rushmore a stop there will be in the works as well!!

Until next time…..

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4th in the Salt Lake Valley

So the wife and I took off to the Salt Lake Valley to meet our newest grandchild July 4th. The boys could not get off work so they babysat Monty and Mahana and we took Morgana with us. The trip over was uneventful for the most part. But what a view coming into the Salt Lake Valley. We hit the valley about 9PM. And there was fireworks everywhere. Between multiple neighborhoods and various cities in the valley, there were hundreds of clusters going off. It was a site.

The fireworks still did not compare to meeting our second grandson Jack Dee Widener. He is perfect in every way. This picture was taken just minutes after our arrival. Grandma was smitten!

We got to meet up with some old friends from Georgia, The Mabry’s. Rick and Alannah were both soldiers at Ft. Gordon when we lived in Augusta. We were in the Jeep clubs together. Rick is now a police officer near Ogden and Alannah is going to school for nursing. We got to meet their newest edition, who incidentally was born on the same day as Jack. We also met up with Beverly Foulger, Dianne’s friend. When we did the 6 month travel assignment in Ogden, Utah Beverly worked at the same hospital as Dianne. Beverly loves Basset Hounds and misses hers. So she spoiled ours!!! Side note, we met at Farrs Ice Cream. If you are ever in Utah either go by their ice cream parlor in Ogden or pick some up in the grocery store, you will not be disappointed.

The Mabry’s, Myeslf with Morgana and our Granddaughter Macee

Macee enjoying some fries on the way to Farr’s Ice Cream

My son Steven with his son Jack.

Grand dog Buddy getting some R&R from kiddie protection duty.

The trip home was awesome. Sad to leave, but we were excited to get back to Monty and Mahana

Morgana wondering when she is going to get her cheeseburger!!!
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2018 Is Here!

Well today I am bummed. I watched the Georgia ‘Dawgs’ lose the National Championship to Alabama. A great game played by both teams hungry for the title. Hopefully my true love O H I O State Buckeyes will be the team winning the Championship next year. 😉

Not much has happened thus far this year. We had the usual fun filled New Years Eve of protecting Morgana from the evil firework demons! The two pups did not even notice, but poor Morgana did. We also had our Southern Traditional New Years Day Meal of ham, collard greens and black eyed peas. Dianne also made a ‘mountain’ of cornbread. No, really it was a mountain!!!!

uppies are growing like weeds. Monty is 8 months now and Mahana is 3 months. She got her first vet visit with us. She did well. No whimpers or whines getting her shots. And, this is unusual for a Basset Hound, had no problem with the vet clipping her nails. She is one tough little girl!

ley starts back to school this week. He is on track to finish in the Fall. He is excited about one of his classes this semester, Asian Cuisine. If you know Brad you know he has a HUGE love of the Asian culture and food. I was disappointed that they are only spending one week on Korean Cuisine, but I guess Japanese and Chinese Cuisine is mor popular.

Chris seems to like his new job at Ashley Furniture. He is hoping to transfer to an Atlanta area store in the coming months and pursue some acting opportunities in Atlanta. Georgia has become a second Hollywood, The Walking Dead and MacGyver are filmed there to name a few. We are hoping the best for him. His true love has been acting.

Dianne got another extension at Good Sam Hospital in Puyallup. So she will be there until mid March. It looks like this may be here last extension there. They are starting there own Float Pool to cut back on the number of traveling nurses they use. It has been nice for the last year though. The hospital is only about 8 to 10 minutes from the RV!!

Weather here has been pleasant this year. Last winter by this time we had several days that started below freezing. This year, thus far, we may have had 2 or 3. (Insert me knocking on wood here). We have also had a lot less rain this year as well.

Well that about sums up what is happening here in the Pacific Northwest. Until next time…..