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The Edge Of The Nation

Greeting from the Oregon Coast!!! The weather has been just spectacular here. We have been enjoying being outside, especially at the dog park, as much as possible. The dogs are loving the weather and the new scents that come with fall. Flash is fitting right in with the family. Already ‘ruined’ to say the least.

Here is flash and Morgana coming back from the market on the pier in FlorenceAnd here is Brad Washington crossing the mighty yard at the pier!!!

We spent Labor Day at the beach. It was very relaxing to say the least. Although the water is cold the dogs and humans enjoyed the Beach Life for a few hours. The tide was coming in during our time there. We enjoyed seeing how much land got covered back up by the rising tide. It was quite mind blowing.

Bradley, Dianne, Flash, and Morgana enjoying the surf.

“Enough fun in the surf. Let’s go back and get sand all over dad” Flash and Morgana stated.

Back safely at the blankets…

Here is a little something you don’t see back East!!!

Bradley flew to Missouri last Thursday. He seems to be having a really great time. Michaela and him seem to be enjoying each other’s company and are seeing the sights in Springfield. Of course he has to give us daily reports so we know he is still alive. Yes we know he is almost 19, but he still mommy’s baby boy!!!
We also found out what our new destination will be. Dianne will have a 13 week contract in Tacoma Washington. We will be going back to Puyallup, WA to the Majestic Mobile Manor. The RV park is only 8 miles from the hospital and we know the park well. We were really hoping to stay here for possibly another contract, but that was just not in the cards for us. But being in Puyallup means Happy Donuts, which means happy Bob, which also means happy Dianne!!! Brad has several friends there as well from church and from working at Target last Christmas. This also means we will be there through the entire rainy season. Dianne wants to buy the dogs rain slickers, me not so much!

Friday evening found Dianne and I taking a road trip to Newport, Oregon. This section of Highway 101 takes you to the Edge of the Nation, literally. There are places where this town lane road has rock wall on one side and a straight drop down to the ocean on the other side. It also a curvy section of 101 so it makes driving very interesting. There are several places to pull off on the ocean side and observe the ocean. One such place is at Devils Churn. It is amazing what the forces of nature can do.

Dianne with her new hairdo at Devils Churn

Saturday we found ourselves back on Bay Street in Downtown Florence. They were having a big car show. Lots of classic cars. You very rarely see a Chevy Bel Air Nomad wagon, Saturday I saw three beautiful ones. Dianne and I, with Flash and Morgana in tow, decided to eat on the deck of the International C-Food Restaurant. We both enjoyed the fish and chips and crab cakes. It was quite good. The view of the Suislaw River and the ocean breeze made it absolutely perfect. Flash and Morgana enjoyed all the attention they got from the patrons!!! They also enjoyed the break from all the walking.

The rest of the family is doing well. We are staying busy with Dianne’s work and then building our business.

Until next time, do some good in the world!

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Things Are Sweeter on the Pacific Coast

Greetings family and friends!!! We have been in Oregon for 3 weeks now. I can say I have truly enjoyed it here. The weather has been in the upper 60s and lower 70s most days and the 50s at night. There is always an ocean breeze, and on some days ocean wind, blowing around here.

We are staying in a great RV Park called Darling’s RV Resort. It site right on Siltcoos Lake. The owners Rich and Lori are super awesome people. This is a family run business and they treat everyone like family. They even hired Brad part time in the Pub to clean dishes and stuff. The Pub has a fantastic simple menu. We have been liking the homemade pizza.

This is called the Chicken Sylvia!!! AWESOME!!!!

This is the view from our RV!!! FYI: If anyone is interested….. The island you see out there is for sale. $675,000 dollars gets you the 5 acre island, 3 bedroom house and pool. ­čÖé

We are surrounded by several state parks and the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. We are right off HWY 101. If you are familiar with the west coast the 101 runs along the coast from northern Washington to Southern California. There are numerous lakes and rivers that come inland from the ocean. This area is a boater and fishermans paradise. The town that Dianne works in is called Florence Oregon. It is a retirement hotspot. Still pretty old school type community. While they do enjoy some modern grocery stores and many mom and pop eateries they do not have a Wal-Mart!!!! The closest Wal-Mart is a boy 55 miles away. Needless to say Dianne is happy because I cannot spend money.

This is a view a few miles from us on the 101. Can you see the Umpqua Lighthouse out there in the trees?

There, I zoomed in, now you can see the top of the lighthouse. We planning on visiting the light house soon.

The hospital Dianne works at is a 21 bed hospital. Very SLOW pace. They averages 3 cases a day in the recovery room. So needless to say it has been a nice break for her. She has made friends with some other travel nurses there.

We have been enjoying inexpensive seafood here. You can literally buy the stuff fresh off the boat. One fisherman sells fresh tuna $3 a pound and $5 dollars to clean it. Crab is also in abundance here. We have several residents that have offered to loan us there crabbing stuff so we can go catch our own. Looking forward to that fun!!

Here is a low country boil Dianne made a week ago.

Crab we had today compliments of Rich here at the RV Park.

In other exciting news, our family has grown by one. We rescued a 5 year old Basset Hound named Flash!! I know, I know…..Roscoe, Dukes of Hazard….. He is a talker. Flash loves to Bay. You start a and he will join you!!!  He is easy going and loves going for walks. He is definitely a snuggler as well. We are looking forward to many years of his Baying and love!!!

Flash being himself!!

Flash after his visit to Petsmart yesterday. He got a bath, nails trimmed and grinded, ears cleaned and a tie die bandanna!!! He loved all the attention he got from the staff as well. Spoiled hound already…and only been here a week!!!

The family is doing well. The kids are all enjoying life!! My daughter and her little family are doing great.

My granddaughter Madelyn Faith “Willow” Smith with here mommy and daddy.

Chris stayed in Ogden. He doing well in his job. He is planning on living and working in Ogden until January. Then he will finally be starting his path toward being an Astrophysicist at BYU-I. 

Steven started a new job in Riverton Utah. He is making better money. Kayla and Steven are hoping to but there own house in a year or so. My granddaughter Macee is growing like a weed.

Macee at 3 months!!!

Brad is enjoying his job at the Pub. He is going to be visiting with a Culinary School in Portland in October as well as the Coast Guard Recruiter. He is looking at one of these two options. He is going to visit a ‘friend’ in Missouri for 3 weeks in Septemeber. His ticket was a birthday present for his friend from her dad!! We tease him that her dad bought her a “Boy Toy” for her Birthday!!! He is really excited about going. And, there are several Waffle Houses where he is going so he gets to partake of the scattered, smothered, covered, topped and chunked hash browns. Dianne and myself are very jealous. Brad went with the youth at church to Youth Conference. He had blast. He is suppose to be doing a blog post about his trip…..

The Ward here is great. The Bishop is pretty awesome. He definitely loves his members.

Well, that is all for now. Until next time……….

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Ogden Utah, A Gem of a City

Ogden Utah has a lot of cool stuff to see and do. Shortly after we arrived her we went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum. They have a lot of neat aircraft and vehicles on display. I especially found it cool to actually see the SR-71. I remember growing up that the SR-71 was a very secret aircraft.

Dodge Ambulance

Dodge Ambulance


Kaiser Jeep Fire Truck

Kaiser Jeep Fire Truck


SR71 Blackbird

SR71 Blackbird


SR71 Blackbird

SR71 Blackbird


Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger


F-15A Eagle

F-15A Eagle

So some very exciting news, Chris has been accepted to Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-I)!! He will be study Physics working toward becoming an Astrophysicist. He moves into housing April 16 and starts classes April 18. We could not be happier for him. Please keep him in your prayers that he will have an awesome college experience at BYU-I.

About two weeks ago Dianne and I had the wonderful opportunity to clean the Ogden Temple. We arrived at 9:30 PM and left about 12:30 AM. It was interesting to be in the Temple with no one around except some fellow members cleaning. It was a humbling experience and the Ogden Temple is absolutely beautiful.

Last weekend we joined the Utah Basset Hound Rescue in the Salt Lake City St.Patrick’s Day Parade. Morgana┬á had a wonderful time being around so many Basset Hounds. She was not fond of the patrons along the parade route. We must have been in the company of about 50 other Basset Hounds. After the parade we took Morgana to Pet Smart to get her nails done. Once she got home she crashed HARD. A worn out puppy is a happy puppy.

We are still adjusting to life without our sweet Merlin. We got a beautiful keepsake of his paw print as a remembrance of him.

2016-03-11 19.17.42

He would have LOVED being in the parade. Morgana and Duke have been clinging to us more since his passing. They also are playing with each other more than before. We all mourn in our own way, including pets.

As for Dianne’s assignment here, she has already been asked to extend her contract 13 more weeks when this one ends. This means we will be here until August….this means we will be here when our son and his wife have their first child in June!! This will be our second granddaughter!! We are pretty excited to say the least. Dianne seems to have made some friends at work and has enjoyed going to work.

We also found the best Soda Shop ever FiiZ Drinks ( This is the Starbucks for Mormons!!! LOL!! Check out their website and see some of the flavor combinations they make with various sodas. Off the chain drink experience!! We also found the buffet Chuck-O-Rama. I could get into some serious trouble there!!! Better than Ryan’s and Golden Corral in my opinion.

The boys are enjoying their Young Single Adult Ward. They have made some friends there. Dianne and I are enjoying the Farr West 6th Ward. Great folks.

Look for our next blog as I will have the pictures from the parade off Dianne’s Phone…..

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Ok, I am updating!!!

I know, I know… has been a long while since we updated. Blame it on jobs, laziness, nothing interesting happening, etc. But I am going to do better this year…..I hope…..I believe…..

We are now in Ogden Utah!!! Been here about a week. We have a beautiful view of the Wasatch Mountains from our RV spot. The Bassetts are loving the snow, the Boxer, eh, not so much. It has been rather cold since our arrival. Today has warmed up quite nicely, lower 50s. 

Last Monday we attended the Provo City Center Temple Open House. The restoration of the building was absolutely beautiful. The original building was a Tabernacle that was gutted by fire. The attention to detail and keeping it as original in design was awesome. We truly enjoyed the tour of the building and the grounds. We also enjoyed lunch at a West Coast hour spot In n Out Burgers.


Dianne seems to love the hospital she is working at. She took a 13 week assignment at McKay-Dee Hospital here in Ogden. They actually called twice before we left Washington to see if we needed anything, had housing, travel plans. It was quite refreshing. McKay-Dee is a Level 1 Trauma Center, same as MCG, er Regents, er Augusta University Medical Center, but smaller. We are hoping she will be able to extend for one assignment. If so we will be here for the birth of our second grandchild. Steven and Kayla are expecting and we are excited!!!

Speaking of Steven and Kayla, Steven was so excited about us being 40 minutes away that he showed up just hours after we arrived. We were not even set up completely yet!! We have visited them a couple of times in the last week. Buddy the grand dog was excited to see us as well.

Malia and Steven our doing well in Alabama. Hoping to see them soon. My granddaughter Willow is growing like a weed. I am so proud of her and Steven for the maturity they continue to show as a young couple. When Malia’s grandmother passed away last year Steven and her, without hesitation, moved her grandfather in with her. Ed is not in the greatest health, so this has been great for him spiritually.
Brad and Chris are both enjoying their new Young Single Adult Ward here. Chris has applied and is hoping to start Brigham Young University – Idaho in April. We are praying it works out. He is ready to pursue his dream of being an Astrophysicist. Brad is still finishing his last bit of Math for his high school studies. He is not sure what he wants to do next in his life.

Dianne and I are very happy with our new Ward. The first Sunday there, the Bishop made a direct line for us after Sacrament Meeting. Really seems like a great Bishop.

Well I will update again later this week with an overview of our last weeks in Washingtoin. I will say this much, I DO NOT MISS THE RAIN OR TRAFFIC CONGESTION!!!!

The view from the back of our RV for the next 13 weeks!!

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What’s up in Puyallup?

We have been here in Puyallup, Washington (pronounced pew-awl-lup) for a little over a month now. Dianne is adjusting to here new job. She is excited to start working a 1400 to 2230 shift starting next week. Her contract will end on December 25. We will be looking for a new contract in the next month or so. We are planning on staying here another 13 weeks. Then we would like to start working our way East. It has been a year or more since we have seen any of our family in Georgia, Tennessee and Ohio. We will have to wait and see what the cards hold.

Bradley has been plugging away at the last couple of classes he needs to complete for his high school degree. He turned 18 on October 13!!! Sadly, this means that I have no more “kids” as they are all now adults. We celebrated Brad’s Birthday in style. He wanted to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings! They took him to the middle of the room, pretty full house, and had everyone wish him Happy Birthday!!! He was a wee bit embarrassed to say the least. Brad attended a two day amateur radio class this past weekend.  He successfully completed the class and will be receiving his Technician Level Amateur License. Pretty pumped for him! He has been attending the Young Single Adult Ward with our church and has made several friends. He has interviewed with two Regal Cinemas and has an interview with Target next week. He wants to earn a little money to do some stuff as an adult. Could not be prouder of him.

Chris is also been job hunting. Interviewed at Regal Cinemas last week and has a second interview this week. He has been doing well and really likes the Pacific Northwest. I have a feeling if things go his way he may be staying here for awhile. He has been attending Young Single Adults with his brother. They have also been attending YSA Family Home Evening and Institute Class. So they keep pretty busy with church. Chris has been active on his Destiny Game online. He seems to be a leader and several online players seem to like to play with him and follow his Leadership.

As for me, I started taking classes on Tuesday nights to obtain my Amteur Extra License. This is the highest Amteur Radio License you can get. It is also the hardest license to get. The material covers electronics and electronic theory pretty heavily. It has been a great class so for and I look forward to successfully passing the exam. I interviewed with the Home Depot and was tentaviley hired yesterday. As long as I pass my drug screen and background check, I will be starting Tuesday. It will be part-time work but the extra money will help get some savings built up and some toys for my Jeep, but mostly to build savings, seriously, savings, stop laughing….. Been cooking some new dishes I found on Facebook. Family have enjoyed the meals, so I must be doing something right.

Dianne and I have been enjoying our new ward for church. Really friendly folks. Bishop has already been by for a visit and Relief Society will be coming by next week. I was asked to call the weekly ward Amateur Radio Net. I have enjoyed doing that on Sunday evenings. We are planning on taking the Bassetts to a Bassett Halloween Party in Everett Washington on Sunday, weather permitting. They have their costumes and are ready to party!!!! The dogs have really been enjoying the travelling. New sights and smells at every stop!

Well folks that is all I have for now!! We hope everyone is doing well and look forward to hearing from ya on Facebook, e-mail or phone!!!!