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Where The Wild Things Roam, Freely Still

We Saw The Buffalo!!!!! They were roaming freely, chewing the cud, just like they did decades ago!!! We were traveling around Custer State Park looking for these majestic creatures. A decision was made to leave the paved road and take an improved road. For the next hour or so we so no other human being, but we saw unrestricted nature.

Custer State Park keeps about 1400 head of Buffalo. This is the amount that the parks land can sustain. They do a round up each your and sell off some Buffalo. We saw only a small number of the 1400. But man, what an absolute beautiful site. There was a time where 100’s of thousands of buffalo roamed these lands.

Then we encountered several towns of Blacked-Tail Prairie Dogs. Prairie Dogs are rodents. They stay in large social groups called towns. They have a bark like call. They are curious little creatures. We probably saw several hundred scattered between several towns.

We ended up in a foggy part of the park at one point. There we found the White Tail Deer.

Also roaming freely and enjoying the safety of the park are wild turkeys. Here is Tom with his lady friends.

Throughout the park are three one lane tunnels through the rock. Each is unique. Here is the Needles Eye Tunnel.

Dianne also decided to do some ‘Rock Climbing’….

If you are in Rapid City, plan a few hours in Custer State Park. The time there will be worth it, and the sights to see there are abundant.

We are just days away from leaving South Dakota and starting the trek to Ohio. Started the usual pre-travel stuff. The route is planned and the stops are set. Hoping to catch up with some old Army buddies in Illinois, we shall see. Takes about a week to get two vehicles and the RV ready for a move. Of course it would only take a few days if I was not such a procrastinator. 🙂 Many items in the RV have to be packed up so they do not get broke. Other items have to be shifted for weight distribution purposes. Just part of the full-time RV life style.

My wife did an online Pampered Chef Party. She had huge sales and got lots of free stuff. One item was the waffle maker. Waffles are super easy with this item and are very tasty. The dogs also like waffles.

I see you have the waffle. We, sir, like the waffle too!!!

My daughter-in-law Kayla lost a grandparent in Iowa this past weekend. Steven, her and the kids, added 30 minutes to their route and came by Rapid City for a quick brunch and visit. Got to see the grand-babies. Nice way for us to start the week.

Should be seeing the Alabama grand-babies in the coming weeks. We are super excited about that.

Mahana had her yearly vet visit. She is a healthy 60 lbs!!! She did really well. We then took her to a self serve dog wash and gave her a bath. She did well there too. Sooooo the spoiled one got a special treat from DQ.

And finally we went to Ft. Hays this morning for the all you can eat Cowboy Pancakes for $.99!!! They were big and excellent. Cannot go wrong for $.99. Of course if you want juice, sausage, etc you pay more.

Well friends that is all for now. We hit the road in two days so look for the road trip photos soon.


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