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Empty Nest Awakening

We are finally getting into a ‘normal’ in South Dakota. We got here just before the Holidays and were busy finishing our shopping, getting stuff shipped, getting the RV set up, and figuring out Rapid City that we were surprised how fast we found ourselves in 2019. The dogs are loving the colder weather and all the smells out here in the sticks. We have heard Coyotes twice over the last week. They sounded fairly close, but then with the way sound travels through the hills here, they could be farther than we think

The one thing that has become obvious since the Holiday slowdown was that fact that we are truly Empty Nesters. It is awfully quiet around here. Especially when Dianne goes to work. The Hounds fill the void, but not having at least one youngin’ in the house is kind of depressing.

I also have been thinking a lot about mortality lately. A great friend from high school lost his dad this past week. It really got me thinking about my parents, whom are both still alive, and how I need to spend more time with them. That is one of the reasons we are heading back East. Dianne’s parents have been dead for awhile, but her siblings and mine are still alive and kicking. Our nieces and nephews are now starting their own lives and we want to part of that. We also want to be closer to our grandchildren in Alabama and still be in range to visit the grands in Utah as well. We will see where our travels take us.

We spent the past Saturday night in Billings Montana. We had a business dinner to attend. Great meal and awesome speakers. Great way to kick off 2019.

The weather here is looking to be fair for the next 10 days. Unusual for here from what we have been told. I’ll take it, as the cold and wind messes with Dianne’s Trigeminal Neuralgia. We are planning our trips to historic sites we want to see before we leave, so look for those updates over the coming weeks.

Until next time, be safe and look for us on the open road……


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