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2017 – The Year In Review

So, 2017 was a year of ups and downs for the Leiter Clan. But we survived and look forward to a great year in 2018. Some of the highlights of 2017 included the birth of my first Grandson Wyatt Smith!! Malia and Steven added Wyatt to their already beautiful family. Willow is a super great big sister to Wyatt and is a huge help to mommy.

We also lost an awesome Basset Hound, Flash. We rescued Flash last year. He was about 5 to 6 years old. He had some security issues. He was not fond of you putting your face in his. We all have scars from a Flash bite for just that. After 7 months of adjusting, feeling more secure, and just becoming a great dog, to mention he would bey on demand, I discovered a large mass on his chest. Further examination revealed all his lymph nodes were swollen. A trip to the vet and praying it wasn’t the worst case scenario left us all dreading the call with the lab results. The results were not what we wanted, aggressive Lymphoma. 30 Days, maybe up to 60. The diagnoses leveled us, especially me. Over the 7 months leading up to this diagnosis Flash and I had built a mutual respect and trust for each other. He got comfortable enough that if I approached from the rear of his head I could give him kisses. Wherever I went in the house or outside he was right there. He loved to ride in the truck. I spoiled him as much as I could over his final days. We got just shy of 60 more with him. He had burgers, fries, chocolate, steak, anything he wanted. I promised ol’ Flash that when he started showing signs of pain or discomfort I would not let him suffer or dope him up on pain meds. I have never put down a dog. All my previous dogs have just died. This process was so peaceful and loving. I miss this boy dearly.

Just before Flash passed away we were blessed to add a new puppy to the hound clan. We drove all the way to Idaho to obtain Monty. He is a spunky puppy. He is at 7 months now and is the most energetic Basset Hound we have ever had. Monty has been great for Morgana. She finally has a brother that plays with her. And play with her he does. She wears her out nightly!!!! He definitely keeps us on out toes!!!!

My parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in July. Unfortunately, I had to miss it. After one pay period on the job as a Fire Marshall with the Renton Regional Fire Authority, I was let go. It was a budget issue with a new agency. It was a blow to me as i have never been let go from a job. It financially hurt us as we had done some financial planning, including flying home for the celebration. It crushed me that I could not attend. But, my parents had a wonderful event filled with family and friends. My sisters did well planning an awesome celebration. I did take employment with a local security company. Because of my background and experience I was brought in at a supervisor level, got licensed for armed security, and became a part of their urgent response team. Good family owned company that has been around for over 50 years.

Dianne is still doing the travel nursing thing. Plenty of opportunities here to work as a travel and not have to move. This is a good thing as we will be here another year or so while Brad finishes school. She also enjoys working in the Nursery at church. I end up helping her on most days. I have as much fun as the kids do!!! Dianne has lost some weight. We started eating low carbs and we both are dropping pounds. Of course this time of year is REALLY hard to stay on a low carb diet. Overall she is doing great.

Brad took the semester off and will continue his quest toward his Culinary Art Degree in January. He stays pretty busy with his friends and girlfriend Payge. He worked at the State Fair this year for a vendor that sold Wombats (foam swords, axes, shields, etc) and light up wear (glasses, ties, masks). He made some good money and had a fun time doing it.

We will be ending the year with Dianne picking up her Christmas present December 15 and then traveling to Utah to spend Christmas with Chris, Steven, Kayla and Macee. Dianne’s Christmas present you ask?

Yup, another hound is joining the clan. We will be a three Basset Hound family, with two of them puppies. It should be a really exciting and fun filled holiday!!!

Until next time!!!!!


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