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Some Things Come and Some Things Go

So this past weekend was a weekend of highs and lows. About 2 weeks ago we helped with a Utah Friends of Basset Hounds event. There we met Buster. Buster was a spunky 4-year-old Basset Hound that needed a home. I do not know what it was about him, but I fell in love with that fellow. After 2 weeks of waiting, and not very patiently, to go through the foster process and getting our home inspected, we were finally approved to foster Buster. If all worked out we would be foster failures and adopt that rascal. Saturday evening about 8:30 PM we finally picked up Buster and brought him home. Now the family that was fostering him was kind of emotional about him leaving. No they were pretty broke up that Buster was leaving. They were foster failures and did not know it, yet. But they had 2 other dogs and did not want another one.

We got Buster home about 10:30 PM and all was well. Especially considering that my 12-year-old, grumpy, male boxer, who had dental surgery the day before, was okay with him. He checked the place out, marked every spot in the yard, and then finally settled down for the night. He slept right beside me all night. He never left my side. Buster was already becoming comfortable with his new surroundings. And I was falling more in love with him.

Shortly after we got up Fathers Day morning our oldest son Chris got up, and he was in pain. You would have thought he had been shot in the stomach and lower back. He was miserable. So we load Chris up and go to the Prompt Care to get him checked out. The doctor there was pretty sure it was a kidney stone(s), but wanted to be sure. So off we go to the local regional hospital for a CT to verify the results. I drop them off and head to the store to get Powerade for Chris to start drinking when he gets done with the CT. What a Fathers Day thus far!

Then I get the text from my wife that the President of the Utah Friends of Basset Hounds has sent her a text stating the previous foster family was devastated and could she call her. Since Dianne was tied up with the hospital dealing with insurance issues, I made the call. With tears already in my eyes, I made the call. I knew what was probably going to be said, and I knew the man I am. And I was right, basically the call was to see if I would mind letting Buster go back for them to adopt him. It was totally my call. I even got the impression that she did not want to even call us. Now understand, I waited two weeks to bring that boy home. He stole my heart and after being my snuggle buddy for one night, he stole it even more. But I am also a man of compassion. Although I felt confident that Buster would adjust fine to his knew arrangements, I also knew how much the husband was affected by Buster leaving, I saw how Buster enjoyed playing with their other two dogs, and there are two children in that house. As hard as it was, I made someones Fathers Day at the expense of mine. They came within a couple of hours to pick up Buster. Sadly, some things come and some things go.

The CT did confirm the presence of a kidney stone. The good news was that it was already on its way out. He probably passed it later Sunday night or early Monday. Happily, some things come and some things go.

Fathers Day was pretty crappy for me to say the least. My wife did cook up some great steaks, asparagus, baked potatoes, and steamed broccoli so that was nice. We had a good laugh watching the season finale of “Chrisley Knows Best”. But once we went to bed I was already missing Buster being beside me. Maybe there will be another hound that will catch my eye needing a home…..


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