Travel Nursing

Time Sure Does Fly!!!!!!

WOW!! Hard to believe it has been over 2 months since I updated Da Blog!!!!! Life has been busy for us, that is for sure!!!

Our son Steven and his wife Kayla had their first baby about 3 weeks ago. Macee is healthy and enjoying life!!! Her 4 legged friend Buddy, a Husky, is VERY protective of her already. These two will have some fun years ahead of them!!

Ain’t she a cutie!!!! This is our second granddaughter!!!

In March we toured Union Station. It is actually 4 museums in one; railroad, local cowboy interest, Browning firearms, and Browning founders car collection! Really a neat place to spend the afternoon.

Dianne liked this car!!!!

Chris and Brad have been working on the Railroad….

The inside of the Depot is stunning!!

It snows here!!! Sometimes in to May!! This is from early April.

The dogs enjoyed Easter!!

So, one Sunday, we took a nice “Sunday Drive” after dinner. On our quest we found this little Ogden History Gem!!

We have found 3 very nice dog parks in within about 5 miles of the RV Park. Duke is doing well at these parks with other dogs. He is 12 and is sometimes temperamental, but he does his own thing. Morgana is not sure how to take the bigger dogs at the parks. She plays with dogs here size mostly. We volunteered at a Utah Friends of Basset Hounds event a couple of weeks ago. I had no intention on getting another Basset since Merlin’s passing earlier this year, then came Buster!!! Buster is a 4-year-old rescue and he is absolutely charming. I fell in love with him and tomorrow we have our home inspection to foster and most likely adopt Buster. He stole my heart…..what can I say!!!

We have been doing a driving LDS Temple Tours. I will do a separate blog with all the Temples and grounds pictures. They are absolutely stunning!! We did get to have a Stake Conference in the historical tabernacle in Ogden. That was a truly awesome experience!!

Our business venture is doing well. We have been blessed with some great business mentors. Their guidance has not only helped our business grow, but helped us grow as a couple.

Chris did not get to start school as planned in April. Financial Aid could not get worked out in time. He is planning on starting this September. He is working at a movie theater here in Ogden…..Like Mother, Like Son? He also bought a nice car with super low payments so he has freedom again!!! Brad is still unsure of what his next move will be. Culinary Arts School, Coast Guard, Church Mission are all on his radar, but at 18 the choices are a little overwhelming.

I sold my Jeep back in May!! I had Lil Red for over 5 years!!! The longest I ever kept a ride. I WILL have another in a few years. The Jeep just had become an impractical vehicle to do travel nursing in. I hope to get another, more fuel efficient, vehicle this fall.

We will be leaving Ogden the end of July. Dianne has taken an assignment in Florence, Oregon. Florence is right on the coast, so we will be spending some time at the beach for sure!!!

So there you have it, the quick catch up on us.

Until next time………Choo Choo


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