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Our beloved Merlin has crossed Rainbow Bridge

This passed Thursday, our beloved Bassett Hound Merlin, passed away from liver cancer ne was 11 years old. I cannot begin to tell you the sorrow we felt as he took his last breaths. I am so glad he was here at home and we were here with him. It has been a difficult last few days, grabbing 3 treats instead of 2, saying his name when getting ready to take the dogs for a walk, not feeling him snuggled up against my legs at night. Some will say “it is just a dog”, but to us he was our fur baby. He was a “son”, a “brother”, a “companion”, a “friend”.

To my wife he was her best friend. He knew when she was hurting from her trigenimal neuralgia, he knew when she needed some extra love. He always had a way to comfort her. She could come home from work and no matter where he was in the RV his head would pop up, his tail would start wagging, and he would wait for her to come over and scratch his head. He absolutely loved having his ears rubbed, deep rub. He would actually nudge my arm to get me to do it if I stopped.

He absolutely loved walks. And the more smells the better. He would get a scent and be off, so you always held the leash tight. He loved to lay in the sun and get his tan on. And snow, he could not get enough of it. Hopping through it like a rabbit. Merlin loved to forage in the bushes and thick grass.

Merlin, our beloved friend, you are and will be missed. But I know you are no longer suffering. Enjoy your time on the other side of rainbow bridge. We know we will see you again. We love you old man.


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