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Ok, I am updating!!!

I know, I know… has been a long while since we updated. Blame it on jobs, laziness, nothing interesting happening, etc. But I am going to do better this year…..I hope…..I believe…..

We are now in Ogden Utah!!! Been here about a week. We have a beautiful view of the Wasatch Mountains from our RV spot. The Bassetts are loving the snow, the Boxer, eh, not so much. It has been rather cold since our arrival. Today has warmed up quite nicely, lower 50s. 

Last Monday we attended the Provo City Center Temple Open House. The restoration of the building was absolutely beautiful. The original building was a Tabernacle that was gutted by fire. The attention to detail and keeping it as original in design was awesome. We truly enjoyed the tour of the building and the grounds. We also enjoyed lunch at a West Coast hour spot In n Out Burgers.


Dianne seems to love the hospital she is working at. She took a 13 week assignment at McKay-Dee Hospital here in Ogden. They actually called twice before we left Washington to see if we needed anything, had housing, travel plans. It was quite refreshing. McKay-Dee is a Level 1 Trauma Center, same as MCG, er Regents, er Augusta University Medical Center, but smaller. We are hoping she will be able to extend for one assignment. If so we will be here for the birth of our second grandchild. Steven and Kayla are expecting and we are excited!!!

Speaking of Steven and Kayla, Steven was so excited about us being 40 minutes away that he showed up just hours after we arrived. We were not even set up completely yet!! We have visited them a couple of times in the last week. Buddy the grand dog was excited to see us as well.

Malia and Steven our doing well in Alabama. Hoping to see them soon. My granddaughter Willow is growing like a weed. I am so proud of her and Steven for the maturity they continue to show as a young couple. When Malia’s grandmother passed away last year Steven and her, without hesitation, moved her grandfather in with her. Ed is not in the greatest health, so this has been great for him spiritually.
Brad and Chris are both enjoying their new Young Single Adult Ward here. Chris has applied and is hoping to start Brigham Young University – Idaho in April. We are praying it works out. He is ready to pursue his dream of being an Astrophysicist. Brad is still finishing his last bit of Math for his high school studies. He is not sure what he wants to do next in his life.

Dianne and I are very happy with our new Ward. The first Sunday there, the Bishop made a direct line for us after Sacrament Meeting. Really seems like a great Bishop.

Well I will update again later this week with an overview of our last weeks in Washingtoin. I will say this much, I DO NOT MISS THE RAIN OR TRAFFIC CONGESTION!!!!

The view from the back of our RV for the next 13 weeks!!


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