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What’s up in Puyallup?

We have been here in Puyallup, Washington (pronounced pew-awl-lup) for a little over a month now. Dianne is adjusting to here new job. She is excited to start working a 1400 to 2230 shift starting next week. Her contract will end on December 25. We will be looking for a new contract in the next month or so. We are planning on staying here another 13 weeks. Then we would like to start working our way East. It has been a year or more since we have seen any of our family in Georgia, Tennessee and Ohio. We will have to wait and see what the cards hold.

Bradley has been plugging away at the last couple of classes he needs to complete for his high school degree. He turned 18 on October 13!!! Sadly, this means that I have no more “kids” as they are all now adults. We celebrated Brad’s Birthday in style. He wanted to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings! They took him to the middle of the room, pretty full house, and had everyone wish him Happy Birthday!!! He was a wee bit embarrassed to say the least. Brad attended a two day amateur radio class this past weekend.  He successfully completed the class and will be receiving his Technician Level Amateur License. Pretty pumped for him! He has been attending the Young Single Adult Ward with our church and has made several friends. He has interviewed with two Regal Cinemas and has an interview with Target next week. He wants to earn a little money to do some stuff as an adult. Could not be prouder of him.

Chris is also been job hunting. Interviewed at Regal Cinemas last week and has a second interview this week. He has been doing well and really likes the Pacific Northwest. I have a feeling if things go his way he may be staying here for awhile. He has been attending Young Single Adults with his brother. They have also been attending YSA Family Home Evening and Institute Class. So they keep pretty busy with church. Chris has been active on his Destiny Game online. He seems to be a leader and several online players seem to like to play with him and follow his Leadership.

As for me, I started taking classes on Tuesday nights to obtain my Amteur Extra License. This is the highest Amteur Radio License you can get. It is also the hardest license to get. The material covers electronics and electronic theory pretty heavily. It has been a great class so for and I look forward to successfully passing the exam. I interviewed with the Home Depot and was tentaviley hired yesterday. As long as I pass my drug screen and background check, I will be starting Tuesday. It will be part-time work but the extra money will help get some savings built up and some toys for my Jeep, but mostly to build savings, seriously, savings, stop laughing….. Been cooking some new dishes I found on Facebook. Family have enjoyed the meals, so I must be doing something right.

Dianne and I have been enjoying our new ward for church. Really friendly folks. Bishop has already been by for a visit and Relief Society will be coming by next week. I was asked to call the weekly ward Amateur Radio Net. I have enjoyed doing that on Sunday evenings. We are planning on taking the Bassetts to a Bassett Halloween Party in Everett Washington on Sunday, weather permitting. They have their costumes and are ready to party!!!! The dogs have really been enjoying the travelling. New sights and smells at every stop!

Well folks that is all I have for now!! We hope everyone is doing well and look forward to hearing from ya on Facebook, e-mail or phone!!!!


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