Things, they are a changin’!

Greetings from Everett, Washington where the weather has been absolutely beautiful, the rain is needed and shortlived and the family time is abundent. We are truly enjoying the great Northwest. Salmon is plentiful right now. Driving around this past Saturday crossed several creeks  and streams where the fisherman, all decked out in the waders, were lined up in the middle like school kids in the hallway. The one stream we crossed had about 25 fishermen side by side in just one grouping. and there were groupings as far as you could see in bothe directions. and then the fishermen along the banks. Salmon fishing is a BIG deal here and I have seen what they mean first hand.

Chris and Brad have been enjoying the Young Single Adult Ward here. They have activities almost every night. We are glad they have been going and participating in several things. I have been pretty active with the Amateur Radio. There are several LDS Nets here that I check in to as well as some local Amateur Radio Emergency Service Nets. Emergency Services is what I truly enjoy doing with amateur radio. Dianne stays busy with work and eating my cooking!

Unfortunately, last Friday Dianne’s contract at Seattle Childrens was cancelled. 2 weeks in and they ended it. Her agency worked quickly and within hours had her a new contract at a hospital in Federal Way, Washington. Federal Way is near Tocoma, about an hour an 30 minutes south of here. We will be about the same distance from downtown Seattle as we are now, just South instead of North. We have put this whole travel nursing gig in Gods hands. We now that he will provide. We are waiting for a start date and word if she will receive at least a weeks ‘severance’ since they terminated the contract early. when momma is not working momma does not get paid.

My granddaughter Willow is growing like a weed. I enjoy seeing all the pictures my daughter posts on Facebook. She looks so much like her daddy. No doubt who the father is!!! mommy and baby are doing well. Malia’s step grand mother Sue passed away about 6 weeks ago. It has been hard on Malia and her pappa. Her poppa, Ed, has moved in with Steven and Malia so I am sure Willow is keeping him happy and cheerful.

Anyway, not much else to say. Going to a nice public beach tomorrow. Will post some pictures from our adventure there next time.

Until next time be happy and thank an LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) for what they do. Believe me my brothers and sisters of the Thin Blue Line will appreciate it.


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