We Have Arrived in the Land of Prius and Subarus!!

Greetings from Everett, Washington!!! We have been here two weeks now and are enjoying the Seattle Area immensely! Dianne started work last week. She has never worked exclusively with children, so this assignment is a new challenge for her. She has been impressed thus far with Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Our new RV Park is definitely not the same as Silver Cove RV Resort near Longview, Washington. Much smaller spaces and the park is located in a business district. It does have a very nice fenced in area for the dogs to run and play, so that is a plus. There is tons of stuff to do here in the Seattle Area. We are putting together our “Seattle Bucket List” so we can do as much as possible while we are here. One of the things Dianne wanted to do was got to Whidbey Island and the beach. We rode the ferry to Whidbey Island. That was a fun experience.

2015-08-18 13.34.08 2015-08-18 13.41.45

The beach we went to was about 1/2 mile from the parking lot. We were the only ones on the beach for the longest time. This beach was rock and drift wood. The view was just incredible. We truly enjoyed the few hours of relaxation there.

2015-08-18 15.34.34 2015-08-18 15.46.41 2015-08-18 16.00.27

We decided to leave the Island via bridge instead of the ferry. The bridge itself was awesome. The view at the bridge was breathtaking.

2015-08-18 18.23.31 2015-08-18 18.22.20 2015-08-18 18.26.13

This past weekend the Seattle Area experienced an unusual storm event. The high winds that were associated with the storm did major damage to the electrical infrastructure. This resulted with 500,000 plus customers without power at the peak Saturday. We were without power for about 8 hours. As of today, there is still about 30,000 customers without power. This is mainly because of the number of transmission lines that were damaged. Fortunately, all is back to normal in are area.

Until next time, be well!!!


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