To all our followers, our apologizes

We have been very neglectful of our blog site. To all of you that follow us we offer our sincerest apologizes. We have done a lot here in Las Cruces, New Mexico since we have arrived. I will spend the next week catching y’all up on our adventures to date.

The road between San Antonio and El Paso Texas is long and desolate. There are the remains of towns, run down towns, and some thriving towns. These towns live and die by the oil and natural gas industry that creates them. With crude being so low per barrel, more and more of these towns are suffering. It made for a long and less than exciting ride.

We have finally set up the Gypsy Caravan Wagon. One of our upcoming blogs will be a picture tour of the homestead. We are very pleased with our purchase. The RV life is SOOO much better than the ‘Extended Stay Hotels’. The dogs love the freedom of the RV Park and it’s dog run.

Southern New Mexico has a thriving Pecan industry. I thought Georgia had it going on, but these cats have amazing Pecan Orchards and it is all watered by well and river collection. Not much rain falls here, so they count on a good snow melt up North and in Colorado to fill the Rio Grande River for a brief amount of time.

I grew up in what I thought was dairy farm country, and by all practical standards it is. But right outside of Las Cruces, NM, along I-10, is a massive dairy farm operation. The farm stretches for miles and probably has 60,000 plus head of dairy cows. Of course if the wind is blowing right, travel along I-10 can be quite “fragrant” to say the least. If you travel south toward the Mexico border you find numerous dairy farm operations. Quite a site in this desert oasis.

Shortly after we got here we made a weekend trip to Salt Lake City, Utah to visit with Chris and his friend Jaden. We also got to be a part of our adopted son Steven’s Priesthood Confirmation. It was an awesome quick trip. The trip to Utah was interesting. We traveled through several Federal Indian Reservations. Everyone had a casino or casinos. These casinos employ many of the residents of the reservation. You see many Native Americans walking. Many of the homes you see our run down mobile homes. There seemed to be lots of places to buy alcohol and cigarettes. Many of the Native Americans you see look broken and tired. I will let you form your own opinions on how a once prideful people has come to this.

Anyway, keep an eye out for more blog posts very soon. We have been to the border, the El Paso Zoo, Border Patrol Museum and some other great places to tell you about. Tons of pictures to share as well!!

Until next time, be safe!!!


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