Las Cruces, The Leiter Clan Have Arrived!

We made it!! We arrived in the evening on Sunday, January 25, 2015. Dianne started work the next day. We cut it close waiting on the RV and unfortunately left without it. Brad and I went back on Tuesday and drove back on Wednesday with our brand new RV. We traveled over 1600 miles over 4 days. I was pretty worn out. We own a 28′, 2015 Homestead Prowler. The camper has one slide out, bunk beds and a master bedroom. The trailer is light and rides very nicely behind the truck. The truck does not like the trailer and has expressed its displeasure by cutting our gas mileage down to 7 – 9 MPG. My Jeep Wrangler gets better MPG than that!!! With the slide out. the dogs have more room than the hotel/motel rooms we have stayed in. Plus we bought some kennel fencing so the dogs have a little place outside to hangout with us. A bonus here is this RV Park, Hacienda RV Park, has a fenced area for dogs to run off leash. It is nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sun or moon. If I wanted to sit outside anywhere else on our journey it would have been in a parking space! I will post pics and more on the RV once we finish getting everything set up!

Dianne is very happy with this facility so far. They seem much more organized than the last location and have worked with traveling nurses for a while. She spent the first week shadowing and doing small things. She did not start orientation until this past Monday, today is her last day of orientation. She is on call this Friday night.

Traffic here is much lighter than San Antonio. Getting around here is very easy. Las Cruces is not a big town, maybe about the same size as Augusta, Georgia without the craziness. We are enjoying the desert weather, clear and 70’s during the day and star lit and 40’s at night. The dogs are having to adjust to minimal grass. The RV Park has places of grass, but not a bunch. We also have a beautiful view of the Organ Mountains. I am hoping to take the Jeep exploring next week. Lots to see here. And lots of places to wheel the Jeep.

Until next time……..


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