Cedar Fever!!!

Well, we are finally leaving for Las Cruces, New Mexico. Driving up on Sunday and Dianne starts work on Monday. We had planned to be out of here on Tuesday, but…… We will cover that later.

We have had allergy problems since we got here. Brad never has problems with allergies. Well Cedar Pollen will mess you up! We all are looking forward to getting out of this Cedar haven!!!! The locals here call it “Cedar Fever”!!

We took a trip to Corpus Christie, Texas. I was not impressed. Don’t get me wrong the beach area is nice. They have a small downtown of skyscrapers. Outside of that it was places for oil and gas field workers to live. The highlight was taking the tour of the USS Lexington aircraft carrier. I have never been on a naval vessel before. WOW!! That was really a neat experience. I will have some pictures at the end of the blog. As we were leaving Corpus Christie we drove a different route home. It routed us through the windmill fields. I have never seen such a sight. Dianne and Brad made fun of me because of my reaction. But honestly it was really cool. Hundreds of windmills generating energy.

Last weekend we got a craving for home and drove about an hour to the Waffle House in Austin, Texas. Ain’t nothing in the world like a chicken sandwich plate; scattered, smothered, and covered!! And of course the waffle!! We miss Waffle House. On the way back we stopped at the Tanger’s Outlet and did a little shopping for our RV (Travel Trailer) and I got some new Crocs.

So we are purchasing an RV. We are buying a brand new, 28 foot travel trailer with one slide out. The small motel rooms have gotten OLD. RV parks offer so many amenities and have places for the dogs to run. Plus I can sit outside and enjoy myself.

Dianne Johnson Leiter's photo. Master Bedroom

Dianne Johnson Leiter's photo. Bunk Beds

Dianne Johnson Leiter's photo. Overview of inside

So the RV purchase leads us to why we are leaving so late in the week. We decided to withdraw the funds from Dianne’s retirement to purchase the RV. No payments means no headaches!! Two plus weeks ago we started the process to obtain the funds. We faxed in the appropriate paperwork and waited……and waited……. and did not receive the funds. She called and they told her that there was a problem with the paperwork and she had to resubmit it. She asked them why they did not call and let us know. They said they do not call but send a letter, nice! So we resubmitted the paperwork. Then an unusual snow event hit parts of Texas. Amarillo, Texas got 12 inches of snow and shut down for a day or two. Guess where her request gets processed and the funds get released to our bank account from. Yup, Amarillo, Texas!! We waited as long as we could. Brad and I will come back and get the RV next week when the money arrives. Murphy’s Law was written for us.

This week Brad got to experience Joe’s Crab Shack. He truly enjoyed the experience.

Robert Leiter's photo.

Friday was National Pie Day. We went to Marie Callender’s for lunch and had a slice of pie!!! And they had all pies half price………yes we bought a whole pie!!!

Until next time from Las Cruces………

DSC00992 DSC00995 DSC01007 DSC01100 DSC00983 DSC01101 DSC01164 DSC01174 DSC01193


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