WOW!! Where does the time go!!

Cannot believe we have been in Texas for 7 weeks already! We have been having a blast. Dianne has signed her next contract. We will be going to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Las Cruces is about 35 miles North of the Mexican/Texas border at El Paso. Las Cruces is close to several ghost towns and White Sands. Roswell – UFO Capitol – is also close by. And the wheeling near Las Cruces is off the chain. We are looking forward to taking the Jeep out playing a good bit while we are there.

We have been invited to join a family from church for Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to that. Her daughter and family are coming in for Thanksgiving. They live in Las Cruces. We are looking forward to meeting them and getting some information on Las Cruces.

We tried a local burger place that has been voted best in San Antonio several times. Chester’s is a good homemade burger. Their fries and onion rings are both the bomb. But it is their shakes that are the hit. Most shakes are made with about 4% milk fat, these shakes are made with 12% milk fat. Brad truly enjoyed the shake saying it is really rich and creamy.

Brad has made several friends at church. He has been enjoying the Ward. He is only one of a couple Priest’s age young men. He has already taught his Sunday School class, picked the music and conducted the music for a Bishop’s Youth Discussion, aka Fireside, and has been asked to give a talk during church this Sunday. He is quite the popular one!!!!

Chris was here a couple of weeks ago for a visit. He got introduced to Texas BBQ, visited the Alamo, visited the San Antonio Temple, and got to relax for a week. The pictures below are from that visit. It was great seeing him. He may be flying in for a few days over Christmas if we can work out the dollars.

Brad is doing well with his school studies. He still struggles with Algebra, but I think it is all starting to make sense. We shall see. Being a teacher is hard work. Preparing tests, quizzes, reading over material to discuss with him……. It is definitely keeping me busy. But truth be told, I am enjoying the time I am spending with him. He is a pretty cool dude to hang out with.

Dianne’s work keeps her fairly busy. Most of her “10 hour” days are more like 11 or 12 hour days. She stays busy as the work is constant. She is enjoying her coworkers and is enjoying learning how other hospitals do things differently. She is off for Thanksgiving Day and has call on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Until next time……….

DSC00768 DSC00769 DSC00772 DSC00778 DSC00779 Alamo Visit 2014


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