The Alamo – Sacred Ground

We have visited the Alamo twice since coming to San Antonio. First it is not what you would expect to see. It is a very simple historical place. But in its simplicity is history. Rich, vibrant history. Construction on the Mission began in 1724. There is not much of the original structure left of the original Alamo, some walls of the Long Barracks and the walls of the Church/Mission building. But the feeling there is unlike anything you can feel. The Alamo sits in the middle of downtown San Antonio, Texas. Outside the walls is the usual hustle and bustle one would feel in a big city. But once you step inside the walls, the outside world seems to disappear. Less than two hundred men, from all across the country, defended the Alamo for 13 days against a massive Mexican Army. Women and children that remained took shelter in the Church Building. By sunrise on the 13th day it was over, and Santa Ana of the Mexican Army entered the Alamo to view his conquest. If you are ever in Texas, be sure to schedule a couple of hours to visit the Alamo. It is a place you will not forget.

Alamo SIgn

Gift from Japan given to the Alamo

Gift from the Japanese Government.

Gift from Japan

Gift from Japanese Government

Showing the bullet marks from a .38 caliber revolver. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, people requested that this gift be removed. When it was not, someone came and shot the stone.

Replica of Alamo

Front of Mission Building

Front of Mission Building at night

Dianne and Brad beside an Original Well


Dianne, Brad, and Chris on Alamo Plaza


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