Texas – Things I have observed about this state

Howdy Partners!!!! It has been a while since I last updated the bog. My apologizes to my faithful followers. The last couple of weeks have been busy with settling in and learning how to get around. I promise to update y’all on the last couple of weeks, to include Brad’s Birthday, in the next few days.

Today I want to tell you about Texas. Texas, by far, is one of the cleanest states I have seen. Very little, if any, trash litters the highways, roadways, medians, sidewalks, and public right of ways. Not every male wears a cowboy hat. As a matter of fact I have only observed three men wearing said head wear. There are plenty of places to buy them, just not worn as much as one might believe. And no steer horns on vehicles. I have yet to see the first big white Cadillac with steer horns mounted on the hood. Texans do like their trucks. The bigger, the better. Pickups can be found in abundance. And every manufacture offers a special edition pertaining to this state. Also, I have not seen a car yet with 27″ rims. In Augusta, I saw them daily and in quantity. Here zero, nada, none. I have not heard the first booming stereo either. I have been in lots of traffic here and have not heard the first vehicle trying to rattle the plastic trim off.

Texans do everything big. Road systems are big. Atlanta’s “spaghetti junction” is nothing compared to the multiple flyovers I have seen here in San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. They put their flyovers way up in the sky! Some are nerve wracking high. Speed limits are big, 70 MPH in most place. Traffic is in abundance all day. Rush hour happens, but you really do not notice it as much. Their roadway system is designed to keep traffic flowing at all times. I have yet to be at a stand still in traffic. Texans are not afraid to “drive” or should I say race on the roadways. They will be courteous, but will move into any spot on the road their vehicle will fit in…..or THEY feel will fit in…..

Like most Southern states I have been to or lived in, the people here are very friendly and helpful. And the people here are PROUD to call themselves Texans and Americans! I had always heard about Texas Pride, but they are off the chain proud of this state. Cannot say I blame them. From what I have seen thus far, they have a great state to be proud of.


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