The Road Less Travelled

Beautiful Georgia State Park nestled in the mountains of the Northwest corner of Georgia

Beautiful Georgia State Park nestled in the mountains of the Northwest corner of Georgia

Yesterday we journeyed to Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. Dianne wanted to see her “dream home” she found a few years ago while we were there. When we left, I turned away from Chattanooga proper and headed toward the countryside. Having no idea where we would end up we just drove. We crossed over the Georgia state line and within minutes we saw a sign for Cloudland Canyon State Park. The Jeep had a full tank and we had nothing but time, so to Cloudland Canyon State Park we headed.

The pictures below do not give this park justice. The only sounds outside of nature were the other humans in the park, and they were rather quiet. The peace and tranquility were refreshing. The views were breathtaking. Had we came prepared to hike we would have hiked to the two waterfalls. This park is very well maintained. If you want to take the family somewhere for vacation, I recommend here. You can use the Camper/RV area, rent one of the many cabins, camp in a tent or camp in a Yurt. They have tennis courts, a disc golf course, and plenty of hiking trails. You are only 15 minutes from Chattanooga, Tennessee and all it’s attractions. It cost us just 5 dollars to drive in and use the facility for the day. Dianne, Brad, and myself were definitely pleasantly surprised.



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