God ALWAYS has a plan!

The choice to come to Chattanooga was perfect. The weather is just awesome and getting to spend some quality time with Greg and his family has been a blessing. As we were enjoying the great weather in Chattanooga, Dianne was told about a position in San Antonio, Texas. When she started reading the details of this position, she read that it required PALS. She decided to do some research. We did not know why we felt the Lord wanted us to come to Chattanooga. But he always has a purpose. Dianne found a place that was offering the PALS hands on skills assessment on Thursday, October 2. This meant that she would have one day to do all the online portion and take the written final exam. Dianne is truly amazing. After spending several hours at the computer on Wednesday and passing her skills assessment on Thursday, she is now PALS certified. There is no doubt in our minds that this was the work of our Heavenly Father. We came to Chattanooga with no “plan” on where we were headed, just a feeling that we needed to come here. We will leave here with Dianne PALS certified. Having this certification opens MANY job opportunities in the traveling nursing arena.

We have really enjoyed spending time with Samantha (Sam) and Matt Benner. Sam is Greg’s “step daughter”, she acts just like him some times!! Matt is Sams significant other who makes a mean chicken salad!!! They have two little ones Jake and Riley Jo. Greg, or Poppy as they call him, truly adores his grand babies and they love him. Of course him and Darlene love to spoil them. We took them for a ride in the Jeep with the top open. They both loved that.

Brad crashed at the Benner’s house a few nights. Their couch was mush more comfortable than the chair and footstool he sleeps in here. Of course him and Matt played video games which Brad truly enjoyed. On Saturday he went with Matt and Jake to a Cub Scout fishing event on Saturday. Jake caught a fish, Brad had a blast, and they both got a patch.

Sunday was very relaxing and nice. We watched the Semi-Annual General Conference for the church via the internet. Great spiritual uplift. Awesome messages from all the speakers. Then we spent the evening grilling over at Greg’s. Hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings, Greg’s “World Famous” bake beans, Darlene’s off the chain Potato Salad, and chips and dip filled our bellies. Afterwards we headed over to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. We got pretty loud on the patio, of course Greg is ALWAYS loud!!! What a great blessing it was to relax with family.

The LDS Gypsy Caravan leaves for San Antonio, Texas Friday, October 10. We will layover Friday night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Brad is already researching a place for dinner that night. He wants to eat some true Cajun cuisine! He is not the only one wanting that, just saying……… Here we come “Nyoo Ahhlyins”


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