So how did we get here……or in other words ‘we will leave the light on for ya’ (Part 2)

So with no offers and the end of our lease approaching we decided to go ahead and move into the Motel 6 in Augusta. To say this was a big change was an understatement. We were literally culture shocked for a few days. No room to move with 3 humans and 3 fur babies in a Motel 6 room. But we still felt it was the right thing to do, so we embraced the suck!

Then she interviewed with a hospital in Austin, Texas. The interview went very well. Within a few days she had an offer. We were very excited to have a destination. She began doing the preparatory work for both the hospital and the company she would be working for. Brad and I began preparing for the big move. We were excited to say the least.

Than just days before departure the contract was pulled. Very unusual for this to happen. We had our hearts set on getting out of Augusta and the Motel 6. What were we to do now……


2 thoughts on “So how did we get here……or in other words ‘we will leave the light on for ya’ (Part 2)

  1. Teresa McClellan says:

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures. I have faith that a new contract will be forthcoming. Please keep us posted!


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